Building something with honesty

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I started this blog in the summer of 2014, in the hope to build a place where people would come to be inspired, stirred, provoked and to make people think about many different facets of life. Two years on and over 150 blog posts later I am still here trying to do the same things that I started doing two years ago.

Is this blog an Internet sensation with millions of hits – no! Is it doing as well as I hope it would – probably not. Do I still enjoy what I do and believe in what I do – 100% yes.

Fake it to make it

I could come on here and lie and say it is going great guns, put a spin on it using fancy words or not mention anything about how many people the blog is reaching. To me doing any of that wouldn’t be real and would be lying. So many people sign up to the ‘fake it to make it’ philosophy in life and it makes me sad. What have I got to gain by trying to say this is a blog, which is visited by millions? Everyone with an Internet connection has the possibility of one day stumbling across this blog and I really hope they do, but until they do I am just going to keep writing, keep hoping and keep smiling.

The people who have to talk about their audience and numbers are normally the ones that are disappointed by their numbers, whereas I am proud of the 6 people who read this blog yesterday. Yes 6, I’ll admit it, but I am so thankful that those 6 people did, as thankful as if 6 million people had. Things that have a big following normally don’t need to talk about their audience and people just know.

Not worrying about numbers

I would rather just focus on putting out content that I am happy with and proud of than worrying about writing for numbers. Like on Monday I wrote about the extra day we get every four years, not expecting much response at all and I got 4 likes which blew me away.

I could pay for advertising but I just don’t see paying for an audience as a success. I want people to read what I write and be touched by it. I want to feel great when I see people reading and interacting with my blog, not just think that people only came became because I paid for them to come, where is the success in that?

Foundation blocks

I see every blog post as a foundation block. My house may take 500 blocks to build, it may take 50,000 but what I am going to do is invest time in each one and build each one as strong as the last. My advice to every blogger out there is be proud of the content you produce, as good content is the only thing you can control and the only thing you should need to be proud of.

Never stop writing or blogging because the size of your audience wasn’t what you were hoping it would be. Keep writing because your content is what you hoped it would be.

How important is the channel a programme broadcasts on?

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The main number that programme makers tout when finding a channel for their programme is – the number of homes the channel is available in. My question this week is – Does this number matter?

I think the number of homes a channel is available in is just a vanity number. The number of homes or reach is more to do with the Satellite, cable or digital company than the popularity of your channel.


Don’t get me wrong potential is important and if your programme is popular or becomes popular, you want to mamixmise that by being available in as many homes as possible but if your programme isn’t popular it doesn’t matter how many homes it is in. I think if you have a large potential viewerbase and low actual viewing numbers then it reflects worse on the programme, than if it was on a platform with a smaller reach.

Like the rest of the world, TV is driven more and more by data these days but the key data always will be related to how many people are watching and engaging with your programme. If a programme has a strong viewership then that is the only number TV companies will use, it is only when this number isn’t as strong as it should be that other stats get banded about.

Talked about

You know the programmes that are truly being watched, as these are the programmes that are being talked about. People talking about your programme are the best commodity you can find. If people are talking about your programme, people will find it, regardless of what platform it is on.

I think it is lazy just to expect people to watch a programme because it is on a big platform. Every programme maker and TV Company should be focused on getting eyeballs on their product, because that is the only way to grow your audience or to make a programme bigger.

As a programme maker you never know when a network is going to cancel your show or not renew a contract, so you have to at all times keep your perceived programme value high. To keep your value high you need a loyal fanbase that will follow you regardless of what network you are on and campaign on your behalf. For the big players TV is a supply and demand market, so make sure you never lose focus on the demand for your programme.