Putting things off

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One thing I am trying to get better at this year is not putting things off. In the past I have been terrible at not putting things in the diary, not passing on information as soon as I got it and not doing things I knew needed doing.

One of our family things this year, in our year of being intentional, is “to not delay and act today.” I have taken this to heart and ran with it. Everything I can get done today, I try to. When things crop up I try to immediately put them in the diary or act upon them depending on what is needed.

Never a perfect time

I don’t know why I behaved like I did before but I know it is a way many people behave. For some reason people like just keeping things in their head and not sharing information with others. Some times people think it is best to hold on to information and break the news at a time they think is best, when in reality for bad news there never is a perfect time.

Putting things off is illogical and irrational. Putting things off gets nothing achieved, adds to your workload and adds to your stress. Putting things off may make you feel like you are in control but in actuality it is a sign of someone who isn’t in control or someone who will become out of control very quickly. People who succeed and get things done are people that don’t put things off.

Removing things from your to do list

Sometimes another good way to avoid putting things off is to not add to your list of things to do unnecessarily. Just look at the things you are putting off, are they necessary things to do or do they matter to you? If not throw them away, scratch them off your mental list and free yourself from them. Don’t add to your stress and imprison yourself with things that don’t matter. Take a step back and just look at what matters and what doesn’t.

Don’t put off sorting your life out. Your life, your happiness and your health should be what is most important to you and I know these are things that I want the most days of in my life, everyday you don’t get it sorted is a day you are robbing yourself of having the best day. Everyone will try and clutter your life so its time you started uncluttering it yourself.


The Weekend To Do List

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One of the things that my wife and I do most weekends is write a ‘to do list’. I love ‘to do lists’. ‘To do lists’ help us plan, help us decide what is important and help us shape our weekend.

Whenever I can in life I want to spend my time intentionally. Time goes by so quickly in life and I want to make the most of it. I think it is so easy to lose time or to not do the most with the time we have and I don’t want to fall in to that trap. If I am going to do nothing, I want it to be because I think it is best for me and because I have made a conscious decision to do nothing. I’m not saying everything has to be planned and that you shouldn’t do anything spontaneously, I am just saying I want to do things because I want to do them, not because I’ve got nothing else better to do.

Importance of weekends

Weekends are important to me, as it is time for my wife and I. After working for 5 days I don’t want to ever waste the two days I get with my wife. I want to make the most of my weekends. Weekends go by so quickly and I want to go back to work on Mondays knowing that I had the best weekend, I possibly could have.

Doing a ‘to do list’ together with my wife on Fridays starts our weekend off in the right way. It gives us the opportunity to let each other know what we want to do this weekend and helps us work out when the best times are in the weekend to do them. This list helps us make the weekend what it is.


We don’t always do or achieve everything we set out to with our weekend, but that isn’t the point of the list. The list is an ideal for the weekend but we don’t live or die by it. Sometimes we put too much on and sometimes things change due to weather, illness etc. If these things happen, we just choose what is most important and achievable, then leave the rest for another evening or weekend.

Putting everything down on a list makes sure nothing gets forgotten about and gives us the chance to see how achievable, what we want to achieve is. By writing it all down it is easy to see if you are going to get everything done or not. Writing things down and having a list also makes sure that I don’t make promises or commitments that are impossible to keep, to avoid me letting people down.

Taking the pressure off

The list takes the pressure off, as the final to do list is always achievable and I know it can always be adapted.

The most important thing to me to do, above any ‘to do list’ is spend quality time with my wife, which the list always ensures that I do every weekend.