Learn to forgive, learn to let go

I don’t talk about it much on my blog but I love music. One of my current favourites is ‘Don’t Be So Hard On Yourself’ by Jess Glynne.

I have a real passion for quotes and lyrics. This song features a line that really got me thinking this week. The line was “learn to forgive, learn to let go.” I think this is simple advice that a lot of people need to follow, me included or should I stay especially me!

Things you don’t agree with

I think a lot of people do things that you don’t agree with, think things you don’t agree with, say things you don’t agree with or have views that you don’t agree with. Sometimes you can’t change what people do or think, sometimes the only thing you can control is how you react and the only good thing to do is to forgive.

Learning that you can’t always change someone’s views or opinions is an important thing to learn. Just because you know that you can’t always change someone’s views, you don’t need to give up hope that one day they will change. The way I want to be judged in life is how I treat others and I know in the past I have treated people badly, so I don’t want to fall in to that trap again. You can’t control how people treat you but you can control how you treat them and how you let them affect you.

We are not constant

As people we are not constant, one moment, one thought, does not define who we are. People are changing entities, some people change at a rapid pace whilst some are slower. Having the ability to recognize that and not let one thing define how you think about someone is a great strength to have.

When someone does something that annoys you or frustrates you, try and think of two things that are good about them or two things that they have done well. Don’t let yourself be blinded to the good in people. Try and remain balanced in your thoughts and how you view people.

If you forgive, you stop getting frustrated by others and hating others. Forgiving people frees you and stops people hurting you. Learning to let go lets you handle life, people and situations a lot better. All I want to do in life is handle it as best as I can and I hope that’s what others want as well.

To finish with and to steal another line from Jess Glynne “everyone trips, everyone falls.” I think we would be wise to remember this at times.


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A few years back I was very much in to reading powerful and motivational quotes. I was so much of a fan of them that I would regularly share them on my social media feeds. Everyday I would be on the lookout for more quotes to get more inspiration. When I found good ones I then took great pride in sharing them and impressing other people with them.

Catching our attention

I think quotes are great at catching our attention. I think I suffered quote overload though. Instead of getting the most out of each quote I stumbled upon, I would be on this race to find another one straight after finding a good one. I was reading lots of quotes but I wasn’t achieving any more with my life than I was before. Inspiring others by sharing them was more important than taking them in. I wanted to be seen as somebody who was great for knowing and sharing these quotes, rather than living by them or doing something with them.

I woke up a few years ago and stopped sharing quotes I found on social media. There are so many automated social media feeds out there pumping out quotes every minute to try and get more likes, shares and follows. It seems quotes have just become a currency on social media to engage people with.

Sharing originality

Now I regularly share quotes I have come up with myself. I now want to add something to the world and to get people to think. I don’t share as regularly as I used to though and I share the quotes to get myself thinking as much as the people who view them.

The one thing I dislike is when people share thoughts and quotes on social media that they have found from somewhere else but don’t live by what they share. Sharing something is pointless if it is just to get a few likes, when you share something you are associating it with yourself and if you don’t live by the quotes you share you just damage yourself and make yourself look fake.

Start of the journey

Remember the quote should be the start of the journey not the end of it. The more you use a quote the more you get out of it. Remember not everyone is going to agree with the quotes you like and share. What is most important is what you get out of it. Don’t overload yourself with quotes. Pick a few which mean the most to you and refer to them often.