Moving on

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This week I have been helping my dad pack up the old family home, which a sale was recently agreed on. We moved in to this house when I was 1 and I grew up in that house. Last night as I looked around the empty house for the final time, the memories of all the great things that happened in that house came flooding back to me and really moved me more than I thought it would.


Selling it was the right thing to do and a decision that was taken some time ago but it wasn’t until last night that the realisation hit, the realisation that it was no longer our family home and we would never be going back in. Even though I hadn’t lived there in a while and I have a new place I call home, that house was still part of me. Yes no one can take the memories from me and it is the people that make the home, not the bricks but it is sad that the physical representation of it all is no more.

Today the removal vans are probably starting to roll up as I type this and a new family are probably deciding upon who gets each room. I just hope this family loves the house, that the rooms are filled with joy and laughter, but most of all that moving to our old home leads to a great period in their life.


It is strange how attached we can become to buildings and it is strange how our emotions work. Emotions can make moving on tricky as they aren’t constant. Some days you can feel fine about something and you feel like you have it all under control, then some days you feel sad about something and feel like you don’t have it under control.

The things I try and do are – let myself be upset and feel the emotion and once I have done that, to focus on the positives for the future. Sometimes you may not want to or be able to see any positives, but if you really try you can always find some positives.

I think I have got at least one more house move to make in my future but I know that the experience of the last few weeks will help me through it. The one thing I have to keep telling myself is – to associate the memories not with the buildings but with the people that were in them.


The changing of seasons

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Throughout the year the seasons change through winter, spring, summer and autumn. As I sit down and write this blog I can see the leaves falling to the ground out of the window as we go through the stages of autumn. Every year, like clockwork the seasonal changes take place but the question I want to ask this week is how often does your life change?

I think we all have seasons in our life, times where we are in a physical place, an emotional place, a career place etc. and over time we come out of those periods and move in to new places. Can you think back through some of the biggest seasons of your life? Sometimes seasons are full of storms and sometimes they are nothing but bright sunshine but with everything in life the weather can always change when you least expect it.

Moving fast

I think it is important to realise when we are in a bad season of our life and to do all we can to change it. You don’t want to get stuck in a season too long if you have the ability to change it. Life moves pretty fast and if you’re not careful it will leave you behind. It is important to know what you want in life and take control of the seasons, don’t wait for the seasons to change by themselves.

The experience of a season is important. The experience can change the way you view the world and your outlook on life. Even bad seasons can help in the long run and build you for better seasons to come. Sometimes it’s only by experiencing bad seasons that you know where in your life you want to be or where you want to go.

Don’t lose hope

Don’t forget that all seasons do change eventually and never lose hope when they don’t seem to be changing as fast as you want them to. If you are in a good season enjoy it in the knowledge that it might not last forever, don’t be afraid of it ending, enjoy what you have and be ready to move when the time comes.

The people who will succeed in life are the ones who are in control of the seasons of their life, so do all you can to be in control of yours.