Camping Holiday

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Last week we had our first family camping holiday. My wife and I used to go camping a little bit before we started a family but it is always something we have wanted to do again, so took the plunge and booked a week in St. Ives, to camp with our one year old. Although camping with a one year old is a bit trickier, I was so glad we did it, as it was such a fun week.


Thankfully we timed our arrival to the campsite just right as it was during her nap, so we were able to get a lot of the putting up of the tent work done whilst she was asleep, which made things a lot easier. The first night was a challenge for our little one year old to settle to sleep, but from day 2 she slept without any fuss. This all made the holiday less stressful and although you have to adapt a bit when you are away from your home comforts, I enjoyed the challenges it presented.

The best thing about the campsite was that it was next to a beach, so we had our first beach day with our little one and although she was a little apprehensive at first, she really enjoyed it and going to the beach became a highlight of the holiday. The space and freedom for our little one to toddle and crawl around was brilliant. In general life you just don’t get the expanses of space and lack of cars etc. so it was fun to just watch her enjoy it and adventure in it.

Outwell tents

One thing I can’t speak highly enough of was our Outwell Alabama 7p tent. Although there were only 3 of us the huge living space and the huge space at the front made it fun and pleasant to be in the tent, as it wasn’t too cramped and everyone had space. A 7-man tent may seem overkill for 3 people but it was perfect, plus the tent had lots of other great features, like roll away sleeping compartments. They may be more expensive than the rest but you are buying quality when you buy an Outwell tent and that is what we got.

For anyone considering taking a young one camping I would encourage them to do so. Yes it’s a bit more challenging and takes a bit more planning but we had a great week and created some fun memories that will last a lifetime.


Forest Holidays

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Last week my wife and I went on holiday to the Forest of Dean and stayed on an amazing Forest Holidays site. We had our own cabin in the woods and our very own hot tub for the week. Forest Holidays haven’t paid me or asked me to write this blog, but now that I am a fully-fledged Forest Holidays evangelist I just had to write it as it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.

In a world where everything is non stop, with technology in your face every second of the waking day, it was so good to go to a place where we had no phone signal and no Wi-Fi unless we wanted to pay for it, so we didn’t and had a nearly technology free week. The only things we did were, use a camera and play music. I have to confess to a couple of times of reaching to my pocket for my phone and stopping myself. I think we are so ingrained to having to be on our phone or looking at a screen all the time that it is such a habit to break but I am so glad we did.

The cabins themselves are so modern. They even had under floor heating. It was just so nice walking around and feeling the warmth in your feet. The lounge had a lovely comfortable corner sofa, the kitchen had everything you could need, the beds were great and we even had an en suite bathroom.


This holiday was so peaceful; that it was the first time I have taken a book on holiday and finished it. It may not seem like much but I was so proud that I finally finished a book on holiday. Not only this but my wife got time to knit her latest project and get everything she could get done, done.

The views all around were stunning and the walks were just beautiful. There seemed like an infinite number of different paths and routes we could have taken around the Forest, so each day every walk was different. To be able to not see or hear cars on a walk was just incredible. It was a proper back to nature experience.


Another highlight for me was the birdsong. Now you can hear birds in many places but never have I heard them so clear and heard so many different types of birdsong. I can’t remember a time or place where I have felt as relaxed or peaceful than I felt last week on holiday.

Then there was the hot tub. A hot tub in the woods is just the most amazing thing. Just soaking away and looking up at all the trees in the forest with the sun shine peering through. Hot tubs and a forest are just a winning combination.

So if you are looking for somewhere to go for your next holiday, I would highly recommend checking them out:

We loved it so much that we are already planning to go back next year.

A special day

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I recently surprised my wife with a day out in the county we live in, which is in the south west of England called Cornwall. I thought long and hard about the types of thing she would like to do and planned an itinerary for the day, to try and give her the most fun day possible.

I think it is important when you are in a relationship to stop and do things like this from time to time. There are many tasks and activities in day-to-day life that can take up your time and take your focus away from your relationship and your loved one. So every chance we get we should make time for our loved ones and put them first. There is nothing like making someone feel loved and feeling loved by your partner.


I think one of the best investments you can make in life is in to your family and I for one am going to try and invest as much as I can in them. The more you invest your time, energy and money in to other things the stronger they will become and the weaker your family will be. I think when you are doing things in life you should always keep your family in mind. You might not always have the same job, the same friends, the same house and the same amount of money but if you invest in your family you will always have a strong unit to fall back on for love and support.

In life sadly there are too many people who never put anyone else first. I think it is important if we are to be a caring and loving society to have more people who are willing and able to put others first. We need more selfless acts carried out in this world, where people do nice things without wanting anything in return.

Creating memories

By having a day away with my wife doing things we wouldn’t normally do, we created memories and instead of it just being a run of the mill day we will always look back on it with fondness.

I am blessed to live in such a nice, picturesque county but the trap I fall in to like many others is – not taking advantage of it. We are one of the top holiday destinations in the UK for tourists so I think we should get the best of it too. Going on holiday or having a break doesn’t have to be about getting aboard a plane or heading for some exotic location. To me a holiday is just time away from the home to enjoy, relax and recharge.

So lets try and make as many days in our lives as special as we can.

Happy Birthday

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So the day after my anniversary, I celebrated my 31st birthday. The sun was shining (which is rare in the UK in April) and due to it coinciding with the Easter weekend, we had a public holiday so I didn’t have to go in to work.

My wife gave me the most amazing and thoughtful birthday (or should I say birthdays a it stretched over two days), which were days of adventure, fun and time together, away from the stresses and strains of life. It was a time to be happy and I think that is an important thing on a birthday. I think there is a reason people wish you ‘happy birthday’, they want it to be a happy day for you and I can say mine certainly was.

Birthdays for many can be a sad event. Some fear growing older, some use it to lament their current situation in life, some use it to look back at sad events in the last year and some use it to feel sad about the future and what it holds. I think some people think: what have I got to be happy about? It is because of some of these reasons mentioned, that some people choose not to mark or celebrate their birthday and would rather it was forgotten.

An Important day

I want to say that your birthday is a special and important day. Your birthday is the anniversary of the day you came in to this world and started making an impact on it, as believe you me – we all have in our own ways. Your birthday is the anniversary of the day that someone or some people cared enough to bring you in to this world and I think that is something which shouldn’t be underestimated or made to feel small.

Your birthday doesn’t need to be a reflection or a look to the future, it can just be about that one day. If you feel things aren’t going your way in life, it can be a day just to forget about them and enjoy yourself. Even if you are in the midst of a tough situation, never feel like you can’t celebrate your birthday or feel bad for doing so. I personally think the world needs a bit more happiness in it and we should use any chance we have to bring a bit more happiness to it.

What you make it

I am happy for my life and I am happy for my time here on earth. I am so thankful for it all and want to celebrate it any chance I get. A birthday can be a day to look at the world and life anew, a day to show others you love them, a day to be thankful, but above all a birthday is what you make it.

Birthdays shouldn’t be judged on number of presents or money spent on the day, they should be judged on enjoyment of the day. Happiness is contagious and birthdays are a great way to spread happiness, so lets make them the happiest that we can.

After responding to all my birthday wishes on Facebook from friends across the globe I put a post up on my page. In that post I asked my Facebook friends that wanted to get me anything for my birthday to instead of getting me a present, to download by book on dementia care, the story of my life caring for my mum. So I would like to extend that to all my brilliant followers and readers of this blog. It would mean the world to me if you made a purchase or helped me spread the word about the book, by posting a link to it on your social media feeds. Below is the link to the book and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all that have supported me in any way over my life, I am thankful for it all:


I have now been back in the country for more than a week but I am still buzzing after two weeks spent roadtripping across America.

The buzz has inspired me to write this blog post on the importance of holidays. Now I am more than aware that being in a position to take and afford holidays is a privileged position because not everyone is able to, but I think those that can should. Holidays can be expensive depending on where and when you go but I think they bring back a lot more value in other ways.

The two main things a holiday can do the first is give you energy by being away from work or school and removing the stress and strains for a little while, the second is give you memories that will last a life time. If you had stayed at home that last Tuesday would have followed the same pattern as any other but by being away you remember it so much more clearly as it is different and because you aren’t doing things on holiday that you do everyday it lodges memories that you will never forget.

I think you can learn a lot by going to another country. Before you leave you get to test your planning and organizing skills to jump through the necessary hoops to make it happen. Whilst out there you will be really working on your communication skills especially if there is a language barrier and you will also be learning how to communicate with people of a different culture and background.

I think going on holiday can bring you back a better person with more understanding of others and a knowledge of a different culture which are all helpful in day to day life.

So go for the sun, the food, the entertainment or whatever your reasons are for choosing a holiday destination and I promise that you will benefit from your holiday in more ways than you originally thought. Not sure when my next holiday will be but I know I will treasure it when I go on it.


For the last two weeks I have been away with my wife having the most amazing honeymoon roadtripping across America. Instead of spending days on end in front of screens whether that be computers, phones, TV’s and the like we instead we were on the open road communicating by that old fashioned technique of speaking and listening whilst using our eyes to take in the world around us.

I think removing distractions makes you more aware of your surroundings and what is actually going on in your life. During the honeymoon we saw some amazing things, met some lovely people and ate so much delicious food but the thing I enjoyed the most was the quality time we spent together.

I think it is nearly impossible in todays day and age not to spend parts of your day looking at a screen but I think the more we can pull ourselves away from them the better our quality of life will be. I think if we did spend less time on our gadgets we would get more done and there would be less people complaining about not having enough time in the day to do everything.

I think for so many people now it’s just a force of habit to check their smartphone every few minutes with not even thinking about it. With so much available at the tips of your fingers you go on your phone to do something but somehow end up scrolling your facebook or twitter an forget why you were on the phone in the first place.

I think I am going to spend more time figuring out how phones, tablets and computers fit in to my life rather than fitting my life around them as I want to say I enjoyed life when I look back on it and that I experienced everything there was to offer around me.