Spreading your wings

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Over the last few weeks I have been invited to write for some very exciting projects. Some are online, some are in books and some are in magazines. I am excited about all of these new opportunities but most of all I am so happy I decided to start this blog.

It is because of this blog that people have got to hear about me, to know of my work and to know of my thoughts & feelings. This blog has given me a chance to express my views on the world to anyone who wishes to read them. If it wasn’t for my writings and ramblings on this blog none of these opportunities may have come about.


The great thing about blogging is that you can create your own space for free online and write about what you want to write about; in a way you want to write about it. On a blog you are your own writer and editor with no restrictions. There are few places where you can get this freedom to express yourself so I would encourage anyone to get in to blogging. I am thankful for everyone that does view the blog but I just enjoy being able to write my thoughts down and if they help or inspire then that is just a bonus (a very big one at that though).

Writing for other people and companies has been a much different experience than blogging. Instead of writing something, proofing it and posting it like I do with my blog, writing for others is a more involved process. The process of writing for others has involved a lot of communication, going back and forth on ideas and then a lot of drafting and re-drafting. When writing for others you have to understand that your words are being used for someone else’s mission and vision, you have to understand that they know their audience better than you do and you have to be prepared to take criticism of your work.


My hope from these new projects is that they will help me become a better writer and help improve the quality of my own blog, at the same time as getting my name out there and gaining more awareness. I hope that what I have written about in this blog encourages others to spread their wings and take on new challenges. Never be afraid to try something new or different, as you never know where it might take you.

From one blog, my sphere of influence is about to increase in big ways, bigger ways that I could have imagined when I started writing last year. If you want to know where your writing can take you, again I urge you to start a blog. Over the next few weeks I will be able to share a little more about where my words will be featured but I for one am very excited by what lies ahead.

100 and counting

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Last week WordPress sent me a notification to let me know I had just posted my 100th blog. I have achieved this in a little over a year and the great thing is that I don’t think subjects to talk about are drying up.

That means on average, I have shared my thoughts on a subject in the form of a blog every 4 days. When I started this blog, I didn’t know how long I would keep it up for or how regular it would become. I started with one blog a week, but found I had lots more to say than one blog a week, so I upped it to 3 quite quickly and since then I have kept it up. Without fail every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I will now post a blog here.

Understanding the world around us

I think the world evolves faster than we can think about it at times and there is so much going on, that you will never be able to have an opinion or thought on everything. That being said however I am a huge fan of people sharing their thoughts and experiences and it is only by people doing, this that we can try and understand the world around us.

Through my blog I have been able to talk with some very interesting people and I have seen my blogs read in countries, that I might never get the chance to visit. That’s the great thing about a blog, it may not change the world but it can impact lives around the world. We all possess enormous power to influence people for the better and I for one am determined to use it to its fullest.

Your opinion matters

For those that have never blogged or too worried about what people may think if they did – I have one thing to say to you – your opinion is no less valid than anyone else’s and by voicing your opinion, you might empower others to do the same.

No one has to listen to what I say, but no one has the right to stop you from speaking. So many people would love the opportunity to speak their mind and speak up, but because of their situation they can’t, so don’t let your opportunity go to waste.

There is an audience out there for you

People out there want to read other peoples stories and thoughts. There is an audience out there for everyone and the Internet, social media and blogs have made it easy for bloggers, to reach an audience and for people to find blogs, which interest them.

So thanks to everyone who has joined me on my blogging journey so far. I hope I have entertained you or inspired you in some way. Here is to the next 100 blogs.

Freedom of Belief

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Through my work over the last few weeks and through keeping an eye on the news, I have felt in today’s world that there is an attack at the moment on people who believe in something.

It seems to me that freedom of speech only seems to be granted to those opposing viewpoints, rather than those that have them. I think freedom of speech and belief should be granted to all. Even if you don’t agree with a viewpoint, people should still be allowed to have them and voice them, it’s only by people voicing opinions, that we can really talk about and tackle the issues of today’s society.

Believing in something isn’t wrong

I think the message being pumped out today is that if you believe in something you are wrong and that you are wrong to believe in something. A message that if you follow a religion you can’t be ‘right.’ I have alluded to how I dislike how society seems to view people who are passionate about things in past blogs and this just seems to be that same type of thing, just on a whole bigger scale.

First newsflash – not everyone who follows a certain religion are the same. Don’t judge a religion by the actions and thoughts of a few, as they don’t speak for that religion. Second newsflash – following a religion doesn’t mean that you hate people or judge people who have a different lifestyle to you. Having a belief or having beliefs does not automatically make you intolerant of others.


I thought these things were obvious, but it ever increasingly seems that they aren’t as obvious as I thought. For an educated society in some ways it seems as if we have gone backwards. If anything I think it is the world that has got less tolerant of people who follow religions.

The world we live in has made me and I think many others reluctant to share viewpoints any more, as I think the powers that be want a world where they dictate how we think and stop people from having their own viewpoints. It is however those brave enough to stand up and share their views who will change this world.

Opposing views

Just because someone has an opposing view to you, it doesn’t make them right. Just because a viewpoint has media backing, it doesn’t make it right. Having the strength to keep hold of your beliefs when others are against you is one of the greatest strength’s you can ever obtain.

I think the world is guilty of making people who are passionate about things feel different, not normal or not ‘cool.’ I think they are treated in the way they are because society has been controlled to a point, that they are now inbuilt to try and stop others from standing out. The sad thing is that many don’t even know they are doing it or why they are doing it. As I have said before, I think it will be those that are willing to stand out that will change the world; I just hope people have the bravery to do it.