Promoting an event

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One thing I am doing a lot at the moment is helping promote live entertainment shows. Whilst doing this I am always trying to think of new and different ways to get attention on the product, without having to spend any money.

There are so many platforms and avenues available now to promote events and products, the problem is that the audience you are trying to get hold of are so spread out, that there aren’t many places to go to in order to reach a big audience. This means you need to be constantly active and active across a number of places.

Converting views to sales

When I first started promoting events in the early 2000s all I had to do was buy advertising in the local paper, to the city I was promoting in and I would draw a crowd. Now we live in an era where even if you get millions of views across social media, it seems to be harder than ever to convert them in to sales.

The problem is that people aren’t actually taking in what they are reading on social media, they are just scrolling through. Liking something takes no time or commitment, so even an engagement doesn’t mean much to be honest.

Connecting audiences

What I try and do now when I promote events, is try and work in partnership with other groups, people and companies. Everyone has an audience, but the way to truly grow an audience is to share audiences. An audience is a huge asset and the more you can connect what you are offering with new audiences, the more what you are offering is worth.

I also believe that as a society we don’t hand over money for things as freely as we used to. Everyone wants a good deal and everyone’s attention is being taken in a hundred directions, so getting customers to pay for tickets for an event is harder and harder. Sadly the costs of running shows haven’t diminished so it is a hard time for an entertainment promoter, unless you have a big brand behind you. You only have to look at the number of pubs and entertainment venues that have shut down in the last few years to show you that.

Competing in the marketplace

To compete in the marketplace, building a brilliant brand is paramount to success. The better your brand is, the less you have to spend on marketing as more people care about your product and will come to you instead of you always having to go to them.

So if you are promoting a live event the thing I would advise to concentrate on is your brand, as everything comes off the back of that.

What are you doing this weekend?

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This must be the most popular question asked in offices around the world today. Normally the answers are “not much” or something big and exciting. It seems that if you aren’t doing one or the other, it isn’t worth mentioning. I personally think it is a shame that we seem to only be able to answer in one extreme or the other.

My favourite answer to that question used to be “spending time with my wife” now it is “spending time with the family.” When did people start deeming these things not exciting enough to talk about? When did people think they weren’t worth mentioning? When did people get embarrassed to say these things?

I live for and love the weekends. My weekends are usually the best part of my week. Because I enjoy time with my family so much, I have started scaling back what I do outside of work to make sure I get as much time with them as I possibly can.

What we are doing isn’t important to me. It’s the spending the time together away from other things and distractions, which is the most important thing to me. Just spending time with my family is doing something. When you are asked if you are doing something, you don’t have to be doing an event or going somewhere in order to be doing something.

Don’t get me wrong I do like going out and doing things, but they are always more special if I am doing them with my family. Sharing an experience and having a joint memory is so much better than sharing a story later with someone who wasn’t there to experience it with you.

I hope I can encourage other people to be loud and proud about just enjoying spending time with friends and family over weekends. Don’t feel the rush to have to show off about what you are doing on a weekend, don’t feel like you have to. The truth in many situations is that the ones showing off would rather have the situation you have.


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Perception is something I struggle with a lot in life. I think perception for many has become more important than truth or reality. An event can happen, two people could experience it and have two very different reactions to it.

Being balanced

I think it is important to remain as balanced about things as possible. Give someone else your life and they may think it is amazing life, give it someone else and they may think it is a pretty rubbish life. When someone says life is a bit rubbish try not to accept it at face value, try and find out why it is rubbish in their opinion and the same with those that say they have an amazing life.

Sometimes it can seem pretty hard to change your life or circumstances; sometimes it’s easier just to change your perception of it. Try in life not to get carried away with emotion and other people’s emotions. Try and work out fact from fiction and make your own opinion about it.

Don’t believe the hype

It’s like with the media and the press when they hype TV programmes, films, sporting events etc. They want you to get carried up in the hype, but you have to remember in life that the reality very rarely lives up to the hype and that the great things in life really don’t need hyping. Normally the more something is hyped, the more it needs it and what is being hyped isn’t actually that good.

So I want to encourage everyone to take a step back today and really think about what you have seen, read and experienced. How do you feel about what you have experienced and why do you feel like that? Is it because of perception or reality? There are many people who are glass half full and many people that are glass half empty people in this world. I choose to say that both statements are perspective and the reality is – if someone has just poured something out of the glass, it is half empty but if someone has got an empty glass and filled it half way, it is half full.

Lets all be reality hunters and strive to find the events that caused the perceptions to happen in the first place.

Happiness isn’t easy

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Sometimes when you’re happy, you are so caught up with that incredible feeling that you can’t think of a reason that could make people unhappy or why people can’t be happy. Happiness I think is one of the easiest things to take for granted and assume is easy to achieve.

Just because happiness comes easy for you, it doesn’t mean that it comes easy for everyone. If happiness was easy to achieve for everyone, then everyone would be happy. There are lots of people out there who wished they had happiness and for many it isn’t a choice they are making not to be happy.


There seems to be such a crushing pressure put on people in today’s society for them to be happy, that it leads to many people having to fake it and pretend to be happy just to fit in or to be seen as normal. Then there are also those that want to be happy so much that they will pretend to be, as they want it so much.

When you want to be happy and you try your hardest to be just to fail and not find happiness, it can push you further in to a sadder place than what you were before you started on your pursuit of happiness. Failing at anything can be saddening event but when that thing you fail at is finding happiness then is a very low place to be in.


Society tells us that there are many events in life that should make us happy. Passing exams, getting a job, having money, travelling, friends, family, getting a house etc. I could go on and on, as there are so many things that we are told should be happy things and make us happy. A word to everyone reading this blog, these things don’t make everyone happy and there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t find happiness from any or some of these things. The key to happiness is to find what truly makes you happy and not worry about what doesn’t make you happy.

So much happens to all of us over our lives and it can be the things that happen to us, that stop us from being happy and are so hard to not let affect you. If you see someone who isn’t a ‘happy person’ and you don’t know why, try to stop and remember this – different things affect different people in different ways so trying to work out why someone is unhappy or why something would make someone unhappy is quite difficult at times for you and for them.

The responsibility I think we all have is to not add to the pressure people feel in today’s world to be happy. Lets not look at people as different or strange if they aren’t happy. Lets be an ear and a friend, let’s start caring for each other and see where that gets us.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

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The title of this blog is one of my favourite quotes. Sometimes I love planning and preparing for things, like events and going away, more than I do the actual thing itself that I am planning to do.

I think the better prepared you are for things happening in your life, the better they will actually turn out and if you want to maximise what you get out of life you have to be prepare the best you can. Time spent preparing is a great investment of time.

Having a baby has encouraged us as a family to prepare even better for things in life. Before we had our baby if things weren’t fully planned out or if we forgot to take things we needed with us for the day it wasn’t the end of the world, but now with a baby it is so crucially important we have everything we need to care for her with us at all times.

Seamless transitions

Those of you who don’t have children would be surprised about how much you actually need to take with you when you are travelling with a baby. Then if you are staying away from your home for a few days, planning can make the difference between the success and failure of the trip, as caring for your child in a different environment can be even trickier. At home you know where everything is, you have access to washing machines, tumble driers and other appliances, you have stockpiles of supplies of everything you need and everything is where you want it. Preparing well enables you to change and move environments and still be successful no matter what it is you are doing in life.

With the Internet at most of our fingertips all the time, preparing has never been easier. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and information out there that can help us be better prepared than we have ever been before. The Internet allows us to quickly learn from others failures and successes, it makes it possible for us to make even more educated guesses at what is the right and wrong thing for us to do, or the right or wrong thing to buy.


The only downside of the Internet is the overwhelming load of information that is out there that is irrelevant. The real skill of researching is being able to quickly discard and sift the information you are viewing so you get to what you want a lot quicker.

I get such a buzz out of learning and researching. Knowing a lot about what you are going to do gives you an air of confidence and can make you feel happier about the things going on in your life. When you leave education you don’t spend as much time studying things and preparing for things gives you the chance to study and I think we should always take opportunities to study and learn more.


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Over the last year I have started entering lots of competitions online. After a bit of research I found some websites that are updated every hour with new competitions to enter, to win all manner of things.

There are many things in this life that I would like, but could never justify paying the money to buy them. When I think of something like this, I will see if there is a free to enter competition where I can win one.

Give yourself a chance

I have been doing this for the last year or so with no success, but have kept going. I thought to myself if I just win one thing it will be worthwhile and by entering all these competitions at least I had given myself chance to win these things, which I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t entered.

Last week I got that success I had been craving. My wife and I are big fans of BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and have wanted to go to a race for sometime, but couldn’t afford tickets. This weekend they have a race weekend at our nearest track about 2 and a half hours away called Thruxton and it would be the easiest one for us to go to. So with the wanting to go to a BTCC event I started searching for and entering competitions to win tickets. I must have entered about 20, before finally last Friday I got a phone call to say I had won a pair of tickets.

Making things affordable

My wife and I love going to live events but the problem with living in deepest southwest England is that it becomes very difficult to see good stuff. The big venues, which get the best events, tend to be in London, Birmingham and sometimes Cardiff. This means not only do we have to pay the price of tickets, which can be expensive but we also have to pay out for petrol, wear and tear on the car, hotel and food, which can make seeing one show cost around the £200 mark.

By winning this competition it has brought the price of going down drastically and it will allow us to enjoy the day even more, as we wont be as worried as we would have been about the cost.

To win competitions you used to have to send your answer in the post or make a phone call, but now with the Internet entering a competition is painless and can be done in seconds. There are lots of prizes out there to be won and if you try you might just win one.

Making memories

Thanks to entering my details online my wife and I will now get to have a weekend we won’t forget and the chance to make memories. If I hadn’t have tried, this Sunday would have been like any other Sunday and soon forgotten but now I know it won’t be.

If you live in the UK and have never watched BTCC I would highly recommend it, it is one of the most entertaining race formats I have ever seen.

If I have got you interested in entering competitions to see if you can win anything here is a link to a board, which is updated by its users nearly every minute with new competitions. I use it a lot and would highly recommend it: