Media relations

At the moment I am doing the media rounds for my book “Unbreakable Bond.” So over the space of 5 days, I have 3 radio interviews with prominent local stations across the South West of England.

My first interview was yesterday on BBC Radio Cornwall, then this Saturday I am on Phonic FM in Exeter and then finishing up on Monday on CHBN in Truro. This is the busiest little media patch I have had in a little while and I am very much enjoying it.

You never know who is listening

The thing with being interviewed on radio is you never know who is listening. A five-minute interview could lead to lots of new interest for my book, or it might not do anything for it. The question I have to ask myself then is – are doing radio interviews worthwhile if it doesn’t lead to further sales of the book?

Through my printing and distribution companies I can track every time someone purchases my book and where they purchase it. Sadly the thing I can’t find out is what triggered the person to buy the book. If a book is sold just after a radio interview – is it coincidence or was someone listening? If a book is purchased a month after a radio interview – was it because someone just remembered about that interview they listened to with me or listened to it again on a catch-up service?

Don’t be disheartened

It can be disheartening when you invest your time to do a bit of media and it doesn’t seem to have a knock on effect on sales. As this is what you want from the media exposure, you want more people to be reading the book. I think though that no matter if everyone or no one is listening, it is still worthwhile as I believe every piece of media you do contributes to the brand. Being on a TV show, Radio programme, newspaper or website gives your voice more of an authority and might lead you to getting another chance on another platform to talk about your product.

Being on a TV show or Radio programme gets people excited for you and gives you something to talk about and hype on your own social media feeds and websites. You don’t always want to be just continuously posting about your book, so posting about being on a TV show or Radio programme gives you an indirect way and a different way of promoting your book.

If you don’t say yes to opportunities you will never know where they might lead. Even if they lead nowhere at least you now know that, you have gained experience along the way and you may have made a contact or two.

A world of love

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On Saturday morning my wife brought me breakfast in bed and shared what she had just seen on the news. Paris for so many years has been known to most around the world as the city of love and as one of the countries most romantic places to visit. Sadly over the weekend this was disrupted by widespread terror attacks and loss of life.

Now I know many terrorist attacks, wars and deaths go unreported in the widespread media and there is more going on than just Paris, but I wanted to talk about it because I am a consumer of media and like to talk on this blog about its effect.


When my wife shared the news with me I felt numb. The feeling that caught me was if that this can happen in Paris it could happen anywhere. After Paris which major city will be next? The UK could quite easily be targeted; terrorism has never felt quite so close to home as it did this weekend.

An interview I heard on the radio with someone living in Paris really struck me. In the interview the lady said, “the only way we win is by keeping on living as we were and not in fear, as if we stop living they have won.” On that night in Paris friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grand parents, sons and daughters all lost their ability to keep on living. If people stop living as they were, the terrorists have caused more lives to end than their weapons ever will.


Over the weekend many people turned their profile photos blue, white and red in support of France after being asked if they wanted to by Facebook. My urge to everyone that chose to do it, is to not let the day you turn your profile photo back be the day you stop caring or thinking of them. Don’t judge people that didn’t change their profile photos and don’t judge people when they turn them back. My hope is that this Facebook activity hope promotes awareness and encourages people to action, I hope it isn’t just something to do for a weekend and to forget about.

My wife and I visited Paris a few years back and had the most amazing time in a lovely city. I would love to go back one day and nothing like this would ever stop me, just as the lady in the interview said we must keep on living.

The only thing that conquers all is love and we’ve got to be a more loving world if we want to make positive change and make a better world to live in.

Where is the positive news?

Why is the news always filled with such negativity? I think negativity breeds’ negativity and I think if the news industry as a whole covered more positive news stories or covered news stories in a more positive way, the population of the world, as a whole, would be more positive and optimistic.

It seems that regardless of the state of the world, it is the news companies that decide how we feel about it. There seems to be a message, that negativity sells and that people want negative news coverage.


Take charities in the news for instance. This week in the UK a big charity has been in the news for negative reasons and I totally agree that this needs to be covered and if something is bad it needs to be reported as such, however it can have consequences for other charities.

Sadly many of the viewing public just want quick and easy news to digest and don’t do any research around it. Worse than this, they will use one news story on a specific case and then start lumping everything in that sector, in the same boat as bad. It’s like you never hear in the news of great things charities are doing day to day across the globe, because it isn’t deemed newsworthy but some how a negative story is? It’s like everyone is ok, until they do something wrong or something perceived to be wrong and then the media are interested. After one negative news story about a charity, some members of the audience will start thinking every charity is like that, which is not the case.


The news has no responsibility to be balanced but I think we all should have as human beings, the sad thing is that the news doesn’t help. The news plays a part in affecting how we think and that is why I think it is important that we are mindful of how it is affecting us.

I do think the news industry is in a hard spot though, as it seems these days that any news story can be twisted to support any argument and with more people consuming news than ever before, the global impact a news story can have is mind boggling. A perfectly innocent intended article can be latched on to, shared around the world and copied, before a news company knows it and can cause unintended damage and by the time it has been removed it is too late.


With the changing face of news, news companies have evolved from print to now being digital content providers and I think this has changed how articles are written and the subjects they cover. I hope that the industry doesn’t lose sight of their place, the power they have and how they can affect the world for good and for bad.

National Exposure

As many of you are aware, I have written a book about my experiences caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. What you may not also know, is that I am a media volunteer for Alzheimer’s Research UK, the leading UK research charity aiming to defeat dementia:

This week Alzheimer’s Research UK launched their first major awareness raising campaign, with a host of media activity. As part of this activity, adverts started appearing on TV and articles in newspapers. Yesterday I was alerted to the news that one of my quotes had been used not only by local newspapers, but by ‘The Telegraph’, one of England’s leading newspapers:


My name has appeared in national publications before, but I think is the first time I have been quoted. To be quoted in an article about dementia is very humbling to me. I have published a book as I want my words to make a difference in the fight to defeat dementia and this week they have been put out there in front of a huge audience.

One of the ways I want to be remembered in life, is for being someone that did something about dementia. When people think of the name Adam Sibley I want them to think of someone who did something to change the world for the better.

I want to increase my position of influence, so I can then use that increased influence to make even more of a difference. Having my name in ‘The Telegraph’ I hope will be something that does increase my position of influence, but only time will tell. I am not hungry for notoriety for myself, but for the difference I could make with it.

I am proud of both my book and to be a media volunteer with Alzheimer’s Research UK. My hope is that both things can and will make a difference for many years to come. I am in this fight against dementia for the long haul. Dementia isn’t something that is going to be conquered over night but I am aware of this and am ready for this. My aim is to not give up no matter what and keep doing my little bit to help.