Treasuring moments in life

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Life can move at a pretty fast pace at times, if you couple this with the throwaway nature of todays society, it means that many amazing moments in life are too quickly forgotten and lost.

Feeling Valued

Yesterday I had a moment I want to treasure and hold on to. Yesterday in the mail I received a copy of ‘the Journal of Dementia Care’ one of the leading publications for dementia care professionals in the UK. In said journal there was an article by me that they had published. To get that recognition, to know that they valued my voice and my words to put me in it, was an incredible feeling and to be in a publication featuring articles from many professionals and big organisations in the field of dementia, was just mind blowing.

It got me thinking about the moments in my life recently that I want to treasure forever, like my daughter learning to pull herself up to her feet, or listening to my wife sing. I am so fortunate in my life to have so many moments I want to treasure, that I don’t want to forget them or take them for granted, as I know it is not the same for everyone.

Moments that are big to you

It is also important to not just treasure the big moments but the moments that are big to you. The moments that put a smile on your face and really bring joy to your heart, regardless of what they are, we need to live in a world where we have no shame in being proud of what we are proud of, not a world where we are made to feel little or less amazing than the next person because we choose to treasure different things.

A moment to treasure can get you through a tough day, tough week or tough year. The power of a moment to treasure is something, which we need to value and appreciate. These special moments can motivate you on to even bigger and better things in your life if you to choose to use them.

The good moments in life are the ones that give you hope in the bad times and make this life worthwhile. I am already excited for my next one and to when I can start looking back at all of them in later life, remembering the rich life experience I have had.


Sharing and impacting

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Last Friday there was no blog on this site because I was away showcasing my book “Unbreakable Bond” at a dementia conference in Plymouth. At the conference I got to hear from the CEO of the Alzheimer’s Society Jeremy Hughes and from Angela Rippon OBE, but more importantly I got to talk to people at the coalface of caring and supporting people with dementia.

I listened to some of the speakers, I was sitting there just hoping my book could touch and impact people in the way they were impacting me. Not because I wanted to be on the stage, not because I want to be a big name, but because I know how it feels to be touched and inspired and it would mean the world to me if it was my book that was having that impact on others.

Learning from experience

When I was selling my book at the conference many people said they were going to put the book in to their libraries and staff rooms at work. Them saying that meant the world to me, as I want as many people to read the book as possible. I love conferences as I love getting the chance to speak to people who have read my book or brought a copy of my book. I wish I could speak to everyone who has brought my book, to thank them and to hear their story. I love people’s stories, I think we have so much to learn from each other and we need to put more focus on learning from other people’s experiences.

I think everyone has something important to share and I just hope that by me sharing my story it encourages others to share and to feel that they have something important to share, because everyone does. We can all learn from each other and something that really got me last week was the thought that the more I learn, the more I learn than I know so little. You can never know too much or enough, so please join my movement of people who want to learn from others and share with others.


I got to speak to Jeremy Hughes at the conference and he promised me that he was going to get my book out of the Alzheimer’s Society Knowledge Centre and I believe that he will. I hope he is touched by the book and that the Alzheimer’s Society can get behind it, because their support and Jeremy’s endorsement would really help get the book in to the hands of people who could be helped by it.

My book “Unbreakable Bond” is the book I wrote about the experiences of caring for my mum who was diagnosed with early onset dementia at the age of 51. The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones and many other great book stockists. To find out more go to:



Happiness isn’t easy

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Sometimes when you’re happy, you are so caught up with that incredible feeling that you can’t think of a reason that could make people unhappy or why people can’t be happy. Happiness I think is one of the easiest things to take for granted and assume is easy to achieve.

Just because happiness comes easy for you, it doesn’t mean that it comes easy for everyone. If happiness was easy to achieve for everyone, then everyone would be happy. There are lots of people out there who wished they had happiness and for many it isn’t a choice they are making not to be happy.


There seems to be such a crushing pressure put on people in today’s society for them to be happy, that it leads to many people having to fake it and pretend to be happy just to fit in or to be seen as normal. Then there are also those that want to be happy so much that they will pretend to be, as they want it so much.

When you want to be happy and you try your hardest to be just to fail and not find happiness, it can push you further in to a sadder place than what you were before you started on your pursuit of happiness. Failing at anything can be saddening event but when that thing you fail at is finding happiness then is a very low place to be in.


Society tells us that there are many events in life that should make us happy. Passing exams, getting a job, having money, travelling, friends, family, getting a house etc. I could go on and on, as there are so many things that we are told should be happy things and make us happy. A word to everyone reading this blog, these things don’t make everyone happy and there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t find happiness from any or some of these things. The key to happiness is to find what truly makes you happy and not worry about what doesn’t make you happy.

So much happens to all of us over our lives and it can be the things that happen to us, that stop us from being happy and are so hard to not let affect you. If you see someone who isn’t a ‘happy person’ and you don’t know why, try to stop and remember this – different things affect different people in different ways so trying to work out why someone is unhappy or why something would make someone unhappy is quite difficult at times for you and for them.

The responsibility I think we all have is to not add to the pressure people feel in today’s world to be happy. Lets not look at people as different or strange if they aren’t happy. Lets be an ear and a friend, let’s start caring for each other and see where that gets us.

My Book on Dementia

Just a short blog this Friday – to let all my readers know that, until the end of tomorrow, you can get my book on dementia care for free on amazon:

I know most of you will have already got your copy, but if you haven’t for whatever reason, I implore you to get over to amazon and download it. Even if you have no time to read it now, get it and save it for later.

I have made it free for five days to coincide with “National Dementia Awareness Week.” Anything that I can do to spread awareness and help the cause I am more than willing to do.

The awareness of my book is growing, which I am very happy about, as I just want it to help as many people as possible. The book in recent weeks has topped various amazon charts, which has meant the world to me. I don’t care about being a chart topper or a best seller for me; I just care about the number of people that this book helps.

As part of “National Dementia Awareness Week” I hope the awareness of people who care for loved ones who have dementia is increased. With the growth in the number of people battling this illness, the numbers of people caring for them will grow also.

The reason why I think it is important for all people to read dementia literature, is that sadly there is a good chance that at some point in your life you will be affected by it in some way. Having the knowledge and being prepared now, will help you a lot more when the time comes, than just waiting until it happens and then trying to find things out in amongst everything you are going through. Researching it now with a level head and without personal connections to the subject might just make a huge difference in later life.

Thank you to everyone that supports my work, without the people who support me I could never impact the world.

National Dementia Awareness Week

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Here in the UK it is ‘National Dementia Awareness Week” this week. Dementia is a subject very close to my heart after caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. I have seen what this illness can do to people and the affect it has on not only the people going through it, but the people around them as well.

It’s Important

There seems to be more and more special days and weeks to recognise something or other these days. I don’t think there is a day in the calendar, which isn’t a special day for something, somewhere in the world but I think this week is important.

Regular readers of my blog will know about my book I wrote about my time caring for my mum, called “Unbreakable Bond.”

The idea behind the book was to help raise awareness, which ties brilliantly in to the message of this week. I want to do my small bit to raise awareness, but I hope by doing my bit I encourage others to do the same. There isn’t enough awareness in this world of what life is really like for those affected by dementia and that is the type of awareness I want to help raise.

The human side

I believe the awareness of what dementia is, is already at a sky-high level. People are aware of how much of a problem it is for the modern world but I think we need more awareness of the human side behind it and not just the stats.

So this week I encourage you to actually take the time to talk to people who have been affected by dementia and take time to find out about their stories. People who have been through it will have a lot of insight to share, that will really put this illness and its effects in to perspective for you.

There are some amazing and special people in this world that have been affected by dementia and we as the human race need to do all we can to make sure that in the future less and less people are affected by dementia and not more.


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Two years ago my mum passed away after a battle with Early Onset Dementia. In the final days I spent with her in hospital I made her a promise, a promise that I would write a book to share her life, our experiences and a book to help others around the world who may be facing similar battles.

Days after she passed I started work on this project and within 6 months I had a book I was happy with. Once I had it finished, I managed to find an amazing editor with a wealth of experience who turned our story that I had written in to a very readable book that I was beyond proud with. I then spent the last year trying to get a publisher to support the book. I talked to many people within the industry and got ever so close to getting the book to market through a publisher but sadly it didn’t work out.

This left me in a position of not knowing what to do. Did I keep on going, trying to find a publisher or did I get this book that I had a desire to share with the world out by some other means. After a lot of thinking yesterday I took the plunge and made it available to download in eBook form through amazon:

That afternoon, after I had made it available to download I heard the news that world-renowned author Terry Pratchett had passed after his battle with Early Onset Dementia:

Sometimes we do things in life without knowing why and it turns out to be a poignant and sobering moment and this was one of them.

Using what you’ve got

I will never have the money or knowledge that it will require to make the scientific developments that are needed to help us combat Alzheimer’s and Dementia but I have a heart for people and personal experience, which I think are the important things that I can bring to the battle.

I want to live in a world where there is better care for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia whilst we wait for a cure. I want to live in the world where the general public has a better understanding for what people living with the illness are going through and know what they can do to help them. I want to live in a world where we support the people who care for friends and family members who are living with terrible illnesses. I want to live in a world where we are prepared and ready to care for others if and when the time comes.

A voice for the voiceless

Regardless of our situation and our battle we all deserve, care, support and love. There are so many people who have been robbed of their voice because of their illness, ripped of their spirit, their character and their fight. We need to be their voice, their hope and their fighter.

Let’s help each other

If you are currently caring for someone, let me on behalf of this world say thank you. We need to be a world that cares for one another and I don’t think there are many better things that you can do on this earth than care for another. We all deserve the best level of care we can get and we need more people that are willing to give it.

My book is available only through amazon at the moment in eBook form as it is the most accessible and popular place to get books from this day. For the first 90 days I had to put a price to download it so I set it at the lowest it could be which was 99 pence or cents depending on what country you are in. I didn’t want to charge for it as I just want to get it in to the hands of as many people as possible, so when I can I will be making it a free eBook. I have also not put any DRM on it so please if you do download it; please feel free to share with others. The number of downloads this book gets isn’t important, the number of people who read it is.

This isn’t my first book but it is the one I am most proud of. I hope that it is a fitting tribute and legacy for my mum. I hope that through her life and through my words we can make a difference. I hope it encourages people to seek help and to not suffer alone. If it just helps one person then the months of hard work will be so worth it. In the heat of emotional situations we make many promises and many are not kept but I am so glad that I kept this promise to my mum to write a book in her honour.