Spreading your wings

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Over the last few weeks I have been invited to write for some very exciting projects. Some are online, some are in books and some are in magazines. I am excited about all of these new opportunities but most of all I am so happy I decided to start this blog.

It is because of this blog that people have got to hear about me, to know of my work and to know of my thoughts & feelings. This blog has given me a chance to express my views on the world to anyone who wishes to read them. If it wasn’t for my writings and ramblings on this blog none of these opportunities may have come about.


The great thing about blogging is that you can create your own space for free online and write about what you want to write about; in a way you want to write about it. On a blog you are your own writer and editor with no restrictions. There are few places where you can get this freedom to express yourself so I would encourage anyone to get in to blogging. I am thankful for everyone that does view the blog but I just enjoy being able to write my thoughts down and if they help or inspire then that is just a bonus (a very big one at that though).

Writing for other people and companies has been a much different experience than blogging. Instead of writing something, proofing it and posting it like I do with my blog, writing for others is a more involved process. The process of writing for others has involved a lot of communication, going back and forth on ideas and then a lot of drafting and re-drafting. When writing for others you have to understand that your words are being used for someone else’s mission and vision, you have to understand that they know their audience better than you do and you have to be prepared to take criticism of your work.


My hope from these new projects is that they will help me become a better writer and help improve the quality of my own blog, at the same time as getting my name out there and gaining more awareness. I hope that what I have written about in this blog encourages others to spread their wings and take on new challenges. Never be afraid to try something new or different, as you never know where it might take you.

From one blog, my sphere of influence is about to increase in big ways, bigger ways that I could have imagined when I started writing last year. If you want to know where your writing can take you, again I urge you to start a blog. Over the next few weeks I will be able to share a little more about where my words will be featured but I for one am very excited by what lies ahead.

Words are my Weapons

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I truly believe that some of the most important things I have are my words. In my opinion words have the potential to change the world and through your own words you can change the world around you.

Words have the power to inspire, excite, encourage, depress, comfort, sadden, anger and a million other things as well.

Nothing happens without words

If it weren’t for words written in a contract or spoken at a meeting nothing would ever get done in this world. Without using words not much happens. This is why I believe words are one of our mightiest weapons.

I am very passionate about doing something to help those affected by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. I don’t have bags of money and I don’t have the aptitude for science and medical related subjects, so at first I didn’t know what I could do to help. These conditions need a lot more money and research plowed in to them, as I would one day love to live in a world where we knew what caused it and what would actually work as a prevention and cure.


All I have to play my part in the fight on Alzheimer’s and Dementia are my words and I want to make sure I use them in the best way I possibly can. With this in mind, I got to work writing a book to share with others about my experiences and thoughts. The book was published last month and I am now using all forms of social media to promote it. Again I am using words to promote my book that is full of my words, which just goes to show that words are involved in everything.

Through my promotion of the book I was asked a few weeks ago to write a guest blog for a leading Alzheimer’s website which was amazing, as now my words are in front of a new audience who may not come to this blog:


I love this modern age where we can sit down, type words in to a keyboard and then post them online for the world to see and to be stored forever. Every experience can be shared and we can all learn something from each other. My wish through my writing is that I encourage others to share their thoughts and experiences too. There will never be too many thoughts and experiences to share and each one that we do share could literally change someone’s life in a real and meaningful way.


The decisions I have made over the year, which have changed my directions in life and got me to the amazing place I am today have mainly been based on words I have read or heard. That is why I think words are so important, as they can change someone’s directions, someone’s thoughts and someone’s opinions, which could help them on the most amazing journey in life.

Writing is Therapy

One of the main reasons for starting this blog was because I enjoy writing down the thoughts that go around my head and sharing them with the world in order to provoke conversation and to make people think.

Before I started this blog I completed writing a book based on my experiences whilst caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. The book like this blog gave me chance to write down my emotions and experiences during this period, to give advice and to ask questions about how we can change the world for those affected by mental health issues.

Now that the book is finished I am trying to get the book published. I know this could be a long arduous process with many knock backs on the way but I truly believe this is a book that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. Throughout this process I constantly remind myself of the pack of cards analogy, that if I keep turning over cards eventually I will come to an ace and that ace for me will be a book publisher who is willing to help me get my books out to the masses.

Personally I believe that it is therapeutic to write down your thoughts and your experiences. You don’t have to share the writing with the world but I think writing things down on paper or typing it in to a computer screen can help you explore your thoughts and the way you think. I think the more you write and the more you type the more things you will work out.

When looking back on things or just thinking about things it is easy to sometimes forget why you were sad, happy, angry or mad in the first place. You spend so much time thinking that you can’t remember what started you on that trail of thought. So just for remembering purposes I think writing things down can be handy.

I would much prefer people did this than splurge it all over facebook and the like. We have all got friends on facebook who we think “over share” or are always negative. If they instead of writing statuses instantly on facebook, started writing just for their eyes only or just confided in a one on one way with a close friend I think they would get more benefit from it but that’s just my two pence worth.

I think writing is important but the way you share it or not share it is the key to what you get out of it.