Why have so many people bought into the lie?

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The one thing in this world that really saddens me as how so many people have bought into the lie that we all need the fancy house and the fancy car, that we all need to work every hour we can, that we need to get big mortgages, finance options and loans so we can have everything we are told we should want.

The simple way to afford everything and not work yourself in to the ground is to buy everything you want. Yes that might sound strange but I am not kidding. If you don’t take out loans, finance, credit or leases, you never owe anybody anything and never have to worry about working to pay them off. When me and my wife want something we first make sure that we do want it and discuss why we want it, we then try and find it for the best price and then we pay for it up front which sometimes means saving up. Paying for everything up front also makes everything much cheaper.

Managing your finances

At the beginning of every month we look at the money coming in and then do our budget. We budget for all the expenses of the month and then with any leftover we decide what we want to do with it. This means we don’t go in to debt and we always know what we want and what we can afford, we never say “we are not sure if we can afford that or not.” Trying to raise the money you have coming in can be hard and out of your control but the money you spend is completely in your control and it is very easy to cut your bills. This month alone my wife and I were able to save hundreds by simply cancelling contracts, renegotiating contracts and changing providers.

Being a parent now myself I am seeing other parents being forced back to work to keep up with payments and the lifestyle they lead. I see so many children being looked after by grandparents now during the week as both parents are back at work full time before their child is even one. It seems to be a declining trend now in stay-at-home parents but I am so thankful that my wife is a stay-at-home mum. It was so important to us for our child to have one parent at home as we truly believe this is the best investment we can make in our child.

What really matters

Our child doesn’t care what house we live in, our child doesn’t care if her clothes are hand-me-downs, our child cares about our hugs, our smiles and our time. Time with our child is worth more than any amount of money to us or any possession we could buy.

Don’t let society and media tell you what you have to have or implant in your brain that you want something. Get what you truly want out of life, if you truly want to be at home to raise a family you will find a way to make it happen, it is never too late to make that change.

Get on the Bus

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This week I have been getting the bus on my daily commute to and from work, so that my wife could have the car for a change as we are a one car family and she rarely gets the car.

We used to be a two-car family but we sold one of our cars last year, as it didn’t make sense financially any more to run two cars. I think cars cost so much to run regardless of how much you use them, especially in this country with Road Tax, M.O.T, repairs, wear and tear, insurance, break down cover etc.

If I took the cost of running the car over the year and worked out what it was a week I think the bus has been a much cheaper option than commuting by car. This week may have cost me more to get to work, because we still have the car but it did open my eyes to how much money we could save, by not running a car and just relying on public transport.

The price of convenience

I think we live in a society that wants convenience at any cost; we now pay for convenience without thinking of the long-term cost or if there is a cheaper way of doing things, because that would take time and not be convenient. I think we have brought in to a world where we think we have to have things, but if you take a step back, there are many things we could quite happily do with out and live without in life.

Long-term cost

Because we can get so many things on direct-debit and pay-monthly, we don’t stop to think at the long-term cost, because the monthly payment seems so small and manageable. I think the best thing to do when thinking of signing up for something which is pay monthly, is to look at how much it will cost over the year and then how much it will cost for the length of time that you think you will have it, whether it be a phone contract or a TV subscription. Once you have those figures, ask yourself what you could do with that money? And if what you are paying still seems worth it?

If I were you, when you look at things like this and decide not to take out the contract or the pay monthly deal I would then put whatever you were going to spend on it, in to savings and see what you can do with it.

I think all of us once in a while should give up a convenience and see what life is like, as I don’t think it will be as bad as you think it would be.