What does being a man actually mean in today’s society?

I am so honoured to have my story and my words featured in a fantastic new book titled ‘Being ManKind.’ The book is all about tackling the question – What does being a man actually mean in today’s society? The book looks to address the unique issues faced by men in the 21st century, to break down stereotypes and to help people live positively.

Sadly I can’t make the big launch event in London this August but this is truly a heavyweight book in more ways than one. It has a forward written by Olympic Gold Medalist and World Heavyweight boxing champion – Anthony Joshua MBE. The company behind it (Super Being Labs) is also a heavyweight in their field, really innovating how to make a social impact in the 21st century.

Ordinary men doing extraordinary things

The book is a collection of stories from ordinary men doing extraordinary things, people who have survived and even thrived even against the biggest of challenges, people who are really making a difference. I have read many of the stories in the book but I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy, to read it all in context and to be inspired.

An interesting question the book poses is – How would you define masculinity? I think that this is a very pressing question for today’s world. There are so many people trying to tell you what being a man should actually be like friends, culture and the media. We live in a world now where the phrase “man up” is commonplace. The phrase is normally used to get people to do something but that’s not what being a man is always about. Being a man is about so much more.

Being proud of who you are

Through my involvement with this project it has really made me challenge the way I look at myself and manhood in general. I think it takes a stronger man to show emotion rather than bottle it up, especially when the world tells you that men should be tough and strong. I think being a strong man is about more than physical strength, social standing, money etc. It is about being able not to bow to what society thinks you should be and being proud of who you are, proud of trying your hardest, sometimes being proud of failing, proud of being different and proud of being helpful.

My one hope is that my small part in the book will touch someone when they really need it and inspire them to be the great man that they have the power to be. Please if you can, go and purchase a copy. I know you won’t be disappointed. When you buy a copy you will be also being help someone else, as with each copy purchased another copy will be donated to a school or youth organisation for them to use with the young people they work with.

To buy a copy and to find out more go to:



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