American sweets

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Having spent a lot of time working and holidaying in America I have built up a love of American candy (chocolate and sweets). Now you have to be selective about it and there is a lot of stuff I don’t like but I do have my favourites.

I am not a fan of Hershey bars, give me Cadbury Dairy Milk any day over that. My two favourite American chocolates are 3 Musketeer Bars and Milk Duds. Sadly my old favourite isn’t made any more but the Smores bars Hershey used to make were amazing, I hope one day that they start making them again.

Something to offer

I have friends that love Reese’s, friends that love Peanut M&Ms and I also used to like that in America you could get way more varieties of skittles than you could in the UK. I think there is something for most people and it saddens me that American candy has such a bad rep over here in the UK. Yes I know we are spoilt with our chocolate over here, but some of theirs is worth a look.

In years gone by I would regularly visit specialist sweet shops that stocked American sweets to get my fix, whilst usually buying my favourite American fizzy drink Wild Cherry Pepsi to wash it down with. There are normally one or two shops doing it in most towns and because they are importing in small quantities they are usually quite expensive, but I didn’t mind, as I wanted to support these businesses, as I was so glad that they imported my favourites.

B&M joins the market

Something has changed recently and chain discount stores like B&M have started stocking American sweets and chocolates at a far cheaper price. I feel sorry for the sweet shops that I used to frequent but it is an interesting change in the market, as items that used to be luxury are now being sold for cheap. I thought American candy was a niche business but obviously there is more interest than I thought, I thought I was in the minority for hunting out American confectionary.

I remember going over to America in years gone by and topping up on loads of 3 Musketeer Bars and Milk Duds, I am just so glad that now I can get my fix easily in the UK.

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