A big weekend of sport

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If you live in Britain or follow sport from Britain, there is a big weekend of sport ahead of us. On home turf we have the Wimbledon finals and the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, in France there are the finals of Euro 2016 as well as the Tour de France and in America there is UFC 200, if you are in to that kind of thing. I am sure there are some other big things that I am missing as well, but this weekend many eyes will be on sport.

As many of you know I am passionate about sport and enjoy any reason to celebrate it or watch it. To me there is nothing like watching people who are at the top of their sport compete on the biggest stage. Watching it inspires me, it captures my imagination and really gets me further in to the sport I am watching.

Tour de France

Trying to do other things this weekend is going to be tricky but I am going to try my best to, whilst of course having one eye on all the sporting goings on. One thing I am loving at the moment is the Tour de France. I never used to watch it but it is something my wife has got me in to and I am really glad she did. I think what the competitors put their body through to try and win or help someone else win is just incredible and really defies logic at times.

Andy Murray

I’ve always been a fan of tennis and Wimbledon has always been my favourite tournament. At the time of writing Andy Murray still has a chance of making the final and winning the whole thing, which makes me happy. My only claim to fame is once meeting Andy on a flight after his first Wimbledon appearance and have been a fan ever since. The last time he won Wimbledon my wife and I were at a music festival, so really hope I get to see him win another this year.

The Formula 1 British Grand Prix at Silverstone has always been something I have wanted to go to and hope to do so one year but I am really excited to watch it on TV this weekend. With my favourite Jenson Button having his best race of the season last time out and the title race between Hamilton and Rosberg intensifying, it should be a fantastic race.

If sport is your thing like me I hope you have a fantastic weekend of it.

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