Short term pain – long term gain

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This old adage is the phrase for my week. Outside my house there is a hedge that runs down the side of the path, which each year I have to spend many hours maintaining. This year I have decided I have had enough of it and am now in the middle of cutting the hedge down completely.

A better life

This is a long process that will take me many nights to do, much longer than just doing a bit of maintenance. I am hopeful however that over the years we live here, that when we come to move, that it will have resulted in a time saving. With everything in life at the moment I am trying to think long term and not short term, as I really believe this will lead to benefits and a better live overall.

Another way that this task is short term pain for me, is that I am doing it all myself and doing it with one old trusty saw. I am not investing any money in hiring or purchasing any equipment and not paying anyone to help me. I am doing what I think is an improvement to the house by opening up the path and the front garden and not losing any money on it. Not only is it an improvement to the house, I think it will also be an improvement to my life. I love putting in the work, as doing it myself means I will be much better off financially, no matter how hard the work is, it always makes me happy to know that I am saving money.

Time to get in the mood

I think too often we put things off or don’t try that hard today because we are not in the mood or because whatever needs doing seems hard. We need to start looking at the bigger picture and think about what doing something today will mean long term. We all have things we keep putting off, which we may feel ok about but we need to get out of the mindset of short term gain and be willing to embrace the short term pain.

Let’s not just do the minimum, lets not just paper over cracks, lets get our hands dirty and really deal with issues. Lets find ways in which we can make long term efficiency savings. Remember hard work today makes a better tomorrow.

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