Forest Holidays

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Last week my wife and I went on holiday to the Forest of Dean and stayed on an amazing Forest Holidays site. We had our own cabin in the woods and our very own hot tub for the week. Forest Holidays haven’t paid me or asked me to write this blog, but now that I am a fully-fledged Forest Holidays evangelist I just had to write it as it was one of the best holidays I have ever had.

In a world where everything is non stop, with technology in your face every second of the waking day, it was so good to go to a place where we had no phone signal and no Wi-Fi unless we wanted to pay for it, so we didn’t and had a nearly technology free week. The only things we did were, use a camera and play music. I have to confess to a couple of times of reaching to my pocket for my phone and stopping myself. I think we are so ingrained to having to be on our phone or looking at a screen all the time that it is such a habit to break but I am so glad we did.

The cabins themselves are so modern. They even had under floor heating. It was just so nice walking around and feeling the warmth in your feet. The lounge had a lovely comfortable corner sofa, the kitchen had everything you could need, the beds were great and we even had an en suite bathroom.


This holiday was so peaceful; that it was the first time I have taken a book on holiday and finished it. It may not seem like much but I was so proud that I finally finished a book on holiday. Not only this but my wife got time to knit her latest project and get everything she could get done, done.

The views all around were stunning and the walks were just beautiful. There seemed like an infinite number of different paths and routes we could have taken around the Forest, so each day every walk was different. To be able to not see or hear cars on a walk was just incredible. It was a proper back to nature experience.


Another highlight for me was the birdsong. Now you can hear birds in many places but never have I heard them so clear and heard so many different types of birdsong. I can’t remember a time or place where I have felt as relaxed or peaceful than I felt last week on holiday.

Then there was the hot tub. A hot tub in the woods is just the most amazing thing. Just soaking away and looking up at all the trees in the forest with the sun shine peering through. Hot tubs and a forest are just a winning combination.

So if you are looking for somewhere to go for your next holiday, I would highly recommend checking them out:

We loved it so much that we are already planning to go back next year.

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