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Perception is something I struggle with a lot in life. I think perception for many has become more important than truth or reality. An event can happen, two people could experience it and have two very different reactions to it.

Being balanced

I think it is important to remain as balanced about things as possible. Give someone else your life and they may think it is amazing life, give it someone else and they may think it is a pretty rubbish life. When someone says life is a bit rubbish try not to accept it at face value, try and find out why it is rubbish in their opinion and the same with those that say they have an amazing life.

Sometimes it can seem pretty hard to change your life or circumstances; sometimes it’s easier just to change your perception of it. Try in life not to get carried away with emotion and other people’s emotions. Try and work out fact from fiction and make your own opinion about it.

Don’t believe the hype

It’s like with the media and the press when they hype TV programmes, films, sporting events etc. They want you to get carried up in the hype, but you have to remember in life that the reality very rarely lives up to the hype and that the great things in life really don’t need hyping. Normally the more something is hyped, the more it needs it and what is being hyped isn’t actually that good.

So I want to encourage everyone to take a step back today and really think about what you have seen, read and experienced. How do you feel about what you have experienced and why do you feel like that? Is it because of perception or reality? There are many people who are glass half full and many people that are glass half empty people in this world. I choose to say that both statements are perspective and the reality is – if someone has just poured something out of the glass, it is half empty but if someone has got an empty glass and filled it half way, it is half full.

Lets all be reality hunters and strive to find the events that caused the perceptions to happen in the first place.

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