How do you get back up?

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A question I have been thinking about a lot this week is: When bad things happen to people, how do they keep on going, get back up and be happy again? It all came about after my wife and I were listening to some music the other night and the Steven Curtis Chapman song – ‘Cinderella’ came on. My wife then shared the sad story of his daughter and how she was killed in a tragic accident at the family home. I heard the story and was so saddened by it that I just didn’t know how anyone could get back up after something like that happens.

Dealing with life

If you live long enough on this earth it is inevitable that sad things will happen to you or around you. Some people just seem to have more tragic events that happen to them, than others. I think the greatest strength in life is how you deal with life when it throws you things that nothing can prepare you for. I just don’t know how people do it.

I lost my mum at a young age and I got through it, but if I was to try and show other people how to get through things like this I wouldn’t be able to put advice down on paper from what I learned, as I don’t know how I got through it. The whole period when I lost my mum is like a blur and I can’t remember how and when I got through it.

Still standing

A question is how much tragedy can the human soul take? I know people who have been through so much tragedy that I don’t know how they are still standing. When things are going great the world is such a big place but when things turn bad it can make the world seem so small and hard to comprehend. When your life is sad and bad things keep happening it is hard to see the chance of anything happy or positive ever happening again, because experience tells you that it doesn’t, but the one thing I want to say this week is that happiness isn’t dependent on the past, there is always happiness to be found or happiness somewhere around you that can find you.

I think unless you have been in the situation of overcoming tragic events it is impossible to fathom how you do it. Sadly the only way you learn how to do it, is by going through it, everyone has their own different ways but there is always a way if you choose to find one.

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