Not being glued to the phone

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This weekend saw the start of the Formula 1 season, a sport my wife and I follow closely. Sadly this year without Satellite TV we can’t watch all the races live, instead we have to wait for the highlights of most races on Channel 4. Because we were busy yesterday we decided to record the highlights and watch them in the evening. We didn’t want anything from the race getting spoiled so my wife and I both turned the Internet and mobile data off on our phones, so that we avoided spoilers.

Making my phone boring

So much of our days seem to be spent glued to our phones, checking social media and trawling the Internet. Going on your phone seems to be a hard impulse to break but by not having Internet or data switched on, it made my phone boring and made me not want to go on it. I still found myself forgetting at times during the day that I had everything on my phone switched off, so I did have moments of getting it out of my pocket but for the majority of the day I spent it without my phone in my hand.

Without the phone I found myself engaging more with the world around me, listening more and just enjoying quiet time. The little things in life just got amplified like just staring at our gorgeous daughter. I found myself thinking more and daydreaming more. No conversations started with – did you see this on Facebook? It was a great day.

Do you miss out?

After we finished catching up with the F1 we turned the Internet and mobile data back on. Had the world changed? Probably for someone but had I missed out on anything important to me – no. Did I find out much interesting by going back on my phone – no. I think sometimes we are so worried about missing something that it keeps us on our phones but when you take time out you realise more often than not, you don’t miss anything at all.

I would rather miss out on anything happening on the Internet or social media than miss out on anything happening in the world around me. Phones and social media are hard things to avoid but I know that in the future I am going to try and take more days where I switch the Internet and mobile data off on my phone and enjoy the world around me.

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