Dealing with expectations

Recently I have watched as we have evolved in to a world and society where we have the highest expectations of what everything needs to be but less chance of things actually meeting those expectations. We all think we could do better than others and deserve more than we have. We all think we could do a better job than our boss or would run the company that we work for differently. When something or someone fails to meet our expectations we start to chastise or give up on the thing or person who has failed to meet our self-created expectations.

The problem with choice

Take TV for instance, because there are so many shows now available to us at the push of a button, that choice has made us picky and expect more. No longer is it ok for a show to be good and entertaining, it has to be better or different than anything else out there. It is a shame because not many people actually take the time to sit down and invest in anything, which people aren’t raving about. Don’t get me wrong it is good that there is that push for shows to be better but who decides what is better or best? Who decides what is a good programme for someone to watch?

Next take football for instance and for this I would like to look at my favourite team, Arsenal. This year the normal top teams in the league aren’t doing as well as in previous seasons like Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea, this had led to many fans thinking Arsenal should be winning the league but they aren’t. Arsenal have no more right to win the league than any other but currently seem to be under more pressure than any because of the expectations.

Trying to succeed

Trying to succeed in a more expectant society is very difficult. It’s even harder when it is coupled with a world of people who seem to want to complain more than they praise and now they have many more ways to do it thanks to Smartphones, social media and so on.

I could sadly see a world one day where people stop trying to create or achieve because the weight of expectations and negativity is crippling. You don’t want to make success easy because then it’s not worth anything but the worst thing this world could do is stop people from trying.

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