Easy ways to live a more charitable life

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Recently my wife and I have been on a mission to unclutter our home, taking it room by room and looking at what we need and what we don’t need. The things we need we keep, the things we don’t need we give to charity if we can or chuck if not.


So after a recent uncluttering session over the weekend I loaded the car up and went about giving it all away. First I went to the local recycling centre to throwaway things charity shops won’t take, then I stopped by a Salvation Army clothes bank and deposited a big bag of clothes, finally I went to a charity shop on the high street and handed over 3 big bags of books. The whole trip took under an hour and has hopefully helped a lot of people out.

If you don’t use something or haven’t looked at it in a while, what good is it just doing nothing in your house? I love our less cluttered house and I love that when the day comes to move we will have less to pack or get rid of, so as a family we are seeing a great benefit from not having these things in our home.

Charity Shop shopping

After I had done all that, we went as a family to a street in a nearby city where there are lots of charity shops and all went charity shop shopping. We had a budget, we had things we knew we needed and all got something we needed. I needed a smart outfit so I got myself a smart shirt and trousers for less than £5. If I had got these two items from clothing stores I would have been paying a minimum of £20 if I went to a cheap store but £30 upwards if I went to some of the more expensive shops. So I donated £5 to charity, got things I needed and saved money at the same time. To me that is what I call smart.

I wish there was less of a stigma about buying from charity shops as I think they are an intelligent way to shop. The more we buy from charity shops and the more we donate to them, the less that goes in to landfill, the more money that goes to charity and the more use your items will get. Charity shop shopping is going to become a regular activity for me now because I enjoy it; it saves me money and helps people who need it

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