An Extra Day

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So it is the year of the leap year and today is that extra day in the calendar. My question is – what are you going to do with it?

The answer for me is to do the same as I do every day and try to make the most of it. This extra day is worth nothing in a year if you waste many more days than this poultry one day, which is added every four years. Everyday should be treated as a gift not just the one added to the calendar every 4 years. No extra days in the calendar make up for wasted ones.

How do you measure your time?

The real answer in life is to not measure your life in years but in days. Every day is as important as the next. It doesn’t matter what month or year it falls in. What you did in the last calendar year doesn’t matter, what does matter is what you did with everyday you were given. Every day is a new opportunity, regardless of the date and the season.

There are many articles in the news today to coincide with today’s date. One article I saw was about how the working people who are on salaries were working this extra day without being paid any extra for it. I say it is just about how you look at it. You could spin it on its head and say for the other 3 years we are getting paid for working one day less. Life is what you make of it and how you look at it.

Seizing the day

The other article I saw was about how on the 29th of February it was the day for women to propose, a duty traditionally reserved for the man on any other day in the calendar. I like a bit of tradition and this is something that encourages ladies to seize the day, which I am for, but people should be encouraged to seize the day everyday not just the 29th of February.

February the 29th goes just as quickly as any other day and can be as important as you make it. Do what you can with today but remember to do what you can with March the 8th, August the 12th and so on. Throw out the calendar and get yourself in to everyday not every date.

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