Putting in the legwork

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If you want to achieve anything in life you have to put in the legwork. If you aren’t willing to put the legwork you in aren’t going to achieve big things or get what you want. ‘Putting the legwork’ in can be applied to many areas of your life.

One thing I like doing is cutting our family bills and saving money, the only way I have been able to do this is to put the legwork in. If I just accepted all the quotes I found online for things and didn’t bother cancelling contracts I would still be paying a significant amount more for the services I still enjoy today.

Don’t accept quotes

Whenever I am in a renewal period for a service, instead of accepting the prices companies send me I ring them up. In this modern age no one seems to like phoning anyone, we all like the convenience of online but if you are willing to phone companies up, you can get better deals than are advertised.

Before I make a call I will do a quick bit of research to see what competitors are offering and keep that information to hand. I will then phone the company up and ask them if they are able to beat the deals their competitors are offering whilst at the same time mentioning the years of loyalty I have built up with the company. Doing this will normally result in the company offering you a deal, which is cheaper than those offered online.

Do it every time

One thing to remember though is to do this every time you are in renewal, don’t just settle for prices going back up and think well at least I got a good deal last year. Offers change all the time so make sure you are aware of what offers are out there and if the company you are with won’t match or better them, go somewhere else.

Sometimes it is good to go on to a rolling contract after your initial contract has ended. This means you can jump to an offer at any time. So say when you are in your renewal period, there aren’t any good deals out there; it might be worth waiting a month or two and then moving or then phoning up your current company to get a better deal. There is nothing worse than signing up to a contract only for a few days later to see a better deal somewhere else.

I hate being in those conversations with friends when someone tells you they are getting something for cheaper than I am whether that be a phone contract, TV or utilities. By following my advice hopefully you will be one of the people in conversations that can smugly say how cheaply they are getting something for.

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