Love wins any argument

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I don’t like arguments, I try to avoid them, as I think they are pointless and are situations when no one wins. I have blogged before on how futile they are, so these opinions of mine are nothing new to any regular readers.

Instead of getting angry with other people and venting, I wish more people just loved other people and acted in love. You see the thing is – you can’t argue with love, so if you want a guaranteed way to shut down any argument just show the other person some love.

Point scoring

Point scoring will get you nowhere! Answering back will get you nowhere! When someone is trying to argue with you they are blinded and their ears are closed, so you are wasting your breath with anything you are saying. Anything you say to them would be the equivalent of talking to yourself and I know I don’t like doing that.

I like it when people listen to what I have to say. I like people who have their ears and hearts open to what I have to say. I want to positively effect people, I want them to take in what I say. The only message I ever want to spread is love and I think in many arguments there is too much hate and disrespect. Showing disrespect doesn’t change the way people think and won’t make them respect you and your opinion.

Stop them in their tracks

Loving people feels good, arguing with them does not. Showing love doesn’t just make the person you are showing love to feel good, it makes you feel good too. Loving others encourages others to love, to show love and to be loving. Loving someone can stop them in their tracks and change how they feel about you or whatever it was they wanted to argue about.

To me this is just a continuation of my mission this year to love more than I am loved. Another area where I can show more love, another opportunity. In nearly every situation in life there is a chance to show love and I want to make sure I am taking everyone of them.

Love is a fast working natural remedy for most things in life; we just all need to use it more often. Love is a free tool that all of us can use and is not difficult to master. So why not give love a go today, you will be surprised by the impact and results it will have.

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