My hat


It may seem like a strange thing to do a blog post about and this isn’t just a challenge to see if I can blog about anything but it is something I have wanted to talk about this year on my blog.

For Christmas my wife got me a Dallas Cowboys beanie hat. Dallas Cowboys are my favourite NFL team and after 3 trips to the NFL in London this year for work, I would walk around with envy saying to myself I would love a hat like that after seeing many people wearing them in the colours of their various teams.

The perfect gift

I mentioned once to my wife how I loved the new NFL beanie range and thought no more of it. So I was blown away this Christmas when I unwrapped it. I was not expecting it as a gift whatsoever as I had only mentioned it once. I don’t want for much in life but when I see something I like I can get obsessive about it, so it was the perfect gift.

When people ask me what I want as a present for birthdays or Christmas I always struggle to know what to say because, like I say I don’t really want for much. I am the same when I have money to spend or am given money as a present I always struggle to find something that I truly want to spend the money on. All of this must make me a nightmare to buy presents for.

What it means

Now to some people a hat may be insignificant but to me it meant the world. With everything going on for someone to remember a brief conversation and get such a meaningful gift it meant more than any other present. It’s not always what your presents and possessions are, it is about what they mean and my hat means a lot to me and I wear it with pride. Not just because I like it and I like the Dallas Cowboys but because when I put it on I know I am loved and thought of.

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