Christmas TV

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I remember as a child getting excited in the run up to Christmas, when the TV listing magazines would come out with the Christmas TV schedules. I would put a ring around the programmes and films I wanted to watch, then I would refer to it everyday to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I still do the same today as an adult but now instead of planning what to watch, I will put a ring around what I want to record and then set all the programmes I want to watch to record on my Sky Box, knowing that for most of them, I probably won’t get round to watching them until January.


Going in to the Christmas period I have had to do a cull on my Sky Box of all the things I will never watch again or get round to watching, so I have space for the Christmas period viewing. Over Christmas I will probably spend time catching up with the 44% worth of programming that made the cut and that is currently clogging up my Sky Box before I get to what is recorded over Christmas.

On top of this I have super long watch lists on streaming services like Netflix that I usually like to catch up with over Christmas. Christmas is a time of year where every provider of programming is after your attention and although I have lots of time off over Christmas it is a time of year where my viewing pile normally goes up and not down.

A time to binge

For many, Christmas is a time to binge on food and drink but I think now it is becoming a season to binge on media and it is a time where I will do most of my so called “binge viewing”, where I will try and catch up with some series that I have missed this year. That’s the great thing about having a long holiday, you can afford to give a day away to watch a series from start to finish, unlike weekends when time seems to be a bit more precious and life a bit busier.

Everyone has their Christmas traditions and their favourite Christmas specials that make the season for them. I think this is an important way media plays a part in Christmas festivities for families as it helps create memories and things to look forward to.

I hope everyone enjoys their festive favourites this year.

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