A world of love

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On Saturday morning my wife brought me breakfast in bed and shared what she had just seen on the news. Paris for so many years has been known to most around the world as the city of love and as one of the countries most romantic places to visit. Sadly over the weekend this was disrupted by widespread terror attacks and loss of life.

Now I know many terrorist attacks, wars and deaths go unreported in the widespread media and there is more going on than just Paris, but I wanted to talk about it because I am a consumer of media and like to talk on this blog about its effect.


When my wife shared the news with me I felt numb. The feeling that caught me was if that this can happen in Paris it could happen anywhere. After Paris which major city will be next? The UK could quite easily be targeted; terrorism has never felt quite so close to home as it did this weekend.

An interview I heard on the radio with someone living in Paris really struck me. In the interview the lady said, “the only way we win is by keeping on living as we were and not in fear, as if we stop living they have won.” On that night in Paris friends, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, grand parents, sons and daughters all lost their ability to keep on living. If people stop living as they were, the terrorists have caused more lives to end than their weapons ever will.


Over the weekend many people turned their profile photos blue, white and red in support of France after being asked if they wanted to by Facebook. My urge to everyone that chose to do it, is to not let the day you turn your profile photo back be the day you stop caring or thinking of them. Don’t judge people that didn’t change their profile photos and don’t judge people when they turn them back. My hope is that this Facebook activity hope promotes awareness and encourages people to action, I hope it isn’t just something to do for a weekend and to forget about.

My wife and I visited Paris a few years back and had the most amazing time in a lovely city. I would love to go back one day and nothing like this would ever stop me, just as the lady in the interview said we must keep on living.

The only thing that conquers all is love and we’ve got to be a more loving world if we want to make positive change and make a better world to live in.

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