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Last Sunday we marked Remembrance Sunday and today the nation stood together at 11am from Armistice Day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice in conflicts around the world. The reason we stop at 11am on the 11th of November is because this is the time the guns fell silent on the Western Front in 1918 and I think it is important, that as well as remembering those lost, we remember that this is the time where the guns stopped firing.


As I remember those that have lost because of war, I do so whilst hoping that one-day we will live as one world, a place where no one has to give their life or lose their life in war. A world where no one will have to be put in a position where they know they could lose their life. The line many people say is that people in our armed forces fight for our freedom, I just hope that one day it leads to freedom for anyone having to give their life.

The history of the world and the nations within it is so closely tied with war, conflict and death. I just hope in the future that it becomes a place known for peace, tolerance and unity. At a time where we come together in unity to remember those not with us, I wish it was a time we came together and said we don’t want any more deaths, a time where we came together in love and peace.

Poppy Appeal

I will forever support the Poppy Appeal and be a proud poppy wearer. I believe everyone should be remembered and that if we don’t remember our history our future will be bleaker. We must learn from what these people did and how the conflicts they were involved in shaped our world, it is the only way we will make this world a better place. I think in previous centuries this world has been at war, now I believe countries choose to be at war and it is not chosen for them.

If we are truly a modern progressive world there has to be better answers than war to solve issues, conflicts and divides. Things may happen because of war but I believe in any war there are too many losers for the ends to justify the means.

The reason I support the armed forces is because I believe everyone has the right to safety and to feel safe. I just hope armed forces are one day there just as a deterrent from other countries attacking them and are used to defend not to attack themselves.

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