This week I have been motivated to do something to help someone. I don’t know them; I just heard their story and was compelled to do something big to help. In life we hear so many sad stories happening in the world around us either through the news or friends & family. Most of these affect us for a little bit but we soon move on to the next story and do nothing to help.

You can’t help everyone and every situation that needs help but I want to encourage people to do something to help those people and stories that mean the most to them. Everyone at some point needs someone to help them and it would be amazing, if that someone could be you.

Don’t walk by

I would love to live in a world where less people walked by and more people stopped to help. We need to stop feeling helpless in situations and instead think what we can do to help. You may not be able to fix or solve someone’s problem but by doing something small to help it can make a huge difference. A simple act of kindness can change the atmosphere, emotion and breed hope in the lives of others.

I think it is so easy at times to despair, to think this world is a bad place, with no good to it. Sometimes we see situations around us that we think are awful but if you actually spend time to talk to the people involved, they could be dealing with it with courage, bravery and positivity. Bad situations don’t always break people they make people.

Do something good

If you think the world around you is bad, combat it with doing something good. The more people around the world who do good things the better this world will become. There is always some good that anyone can do in any bad situation and I believe that good deeds and actions will always overcome the bad in this world.

I in the past have asked for support and donations with personal projects, I have also asked for support for organisations I have worked with and volunteered for. I got thinking this week that I have never done a fundraiser for something I wasn’t directly involved in. I have never raised money for someone or something just because I wanted to help and thought it was the right thing to do.

I am so happy to be doing what I am doing and I encourage anyone out there to be a warrior for good this week.

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