Whilst everyone else is in bed

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The one thing having a baby does, is get you out of bed earlier in the morning than you normally would. No more being able to hit the snooze button or setting the alarm for the time, which allows you just enough time to throw some clothes on and get out of the door for work.

In our house 6.30am starts are the norm, which I think is pretty good for having a four month old. I know many people with similar age children who are up much earlier. This however leaves a long time before I have to set off for work. Now I am in the routine I am very thankful for this time, which I wouldn’t have got without our gorgeous girl.

Early start

As I work through the day, the early start gives me time to spend with my daughter and it also gives me time to get fit as 3 times a week I also use this time to run. I used to do a lot of running in my early twenties but haven’t done a lot in recent years; this has left me not being in the shape I want to be in. If it wasn’t for this time in the morning I don’t think I would have picked up running again and my downward slope of healthiness would have continued.

I love running as you don’t need to know a lot of technique to do it, you don’t need a lot of equipment or a venue. All you need is a decent pair of trainers, yourself and the great outdoors. I run routes around the town where I live, trying to push myself a bit harder every day and I am already seeing results. The one thing above all that I love about running is that more than anything I think it is a battle of will power. At many stages during my run my body is telling my brain to stop and each time I don’t give in and I keep on going. I love winning those battles and pushing on, it is such a great feeling when you have pushed yourself and pushed through those moments. I think your body is capable of more than you think it is at times.

Getting things done

Saying all of this about weekdays the mornings that are the best for us aren’t the weekday ones, they are the weekend ones. Now with our daughter getting us up, our weekends are so productive. Each weekend I am surprised with how much we now get done, it’s far much more than we did when we didn’t have a baby, which just goes to dispel the myth that you can’t get anything done when you have a baby.

Time is a gift and time is precious, don’t wait for something to decide how you are going to use it. Make a plan, figure out what is important and adjust your schedules accordingly to get the most out of your time.

One thought on “Whilst everyone else is in bed

  1. Great post. I started running 40 years ago and that started me into a healthy routine for my life. Even though I am unable to run now, I am still working out. When your body is healthy your whole perspective is more positive and you become more productive in all areas of your life. Keep it up!


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