Getting bogged down

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It is easy in life to get bogged down. Sometimes there is so much going on that you lose focus of what is important and seem to have no time to do what you want to do in life. My advice for this week is, only do what you want to do and get rid of everything you don’t want to do.

We live in an admin heavy world where even the things you want to do can become overwhelming with all the paperwork, meetings, emails and phone calls that need doing. Sometimes for the things you want to do in life, more of your time is spent doing things associated with it that you don’t like doing, just in order to get a little bit of time of doing what you want to do.

Don’t always say yes

For me personally I would first take a hard look and choose the way of doing something I liked that involved the least amount of admin. When you find something you like doing, try not to add to your workload and say yes to any request or take on any more responsibilities involved with it. Life is as happy and simple as you make it so don’t get pressurised in to saying yes to things you don’t want to do.

Some days in life it can seem that you are fighting an unwinnable battle with your inbox, as the emails you need to respond to mount up and for everyone you reply to, yet more questions come back to you. Due to the number of emails you receive and your workload you start putting off responding to emails and then the further the backlog builds up and then you start forgetting about things you need to do. I much prefer doing business over the phone or text where I can, as I can do it on the go and I find it a quicker and instant way of getting things done.

Time is precious

Now that I have a family and am raising a baby I feel my time is even more precious than it was before, so I am more eager than ever to not clutter it. Clutter in your life takes away your energy and I wan to make sure I have the most energy for my family.

Do something

I still have things I like and want to do, like promote my book. I just now try and just focus on that and try to do it in the most efficient way as possible. Getting away from being bogged down isn’t about getting rid of everything it is about streamlining.

I think it is important to have focus in life. I would much prefer to do one thing well than 10 things averagely. People who do one thing well have more chance to change the world and make an impact than the person doing 10. Never feel like you need to take on more work or fill your time just for the sake of it. Work out what you are passionate about and go after it with all your heart.

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