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On the weekend my wife and I had the amazing privilege of our daughter being dedicated at our Church. For all those unfamiliar with a dedication, it is a time where we thank God for the amazing life that is our child, where we make promises as parents about how we will raise our child and where the members of the church make promises to support us and our child on this journey.

I want to raise our child in the best way I possibly know how. At the moment her life is one of limitless possibilities and I want to make sure that she is able to reach her full potential and that she has the most enjoyable life she possibly can.


Being a Christian is an important part of my life and my faith has helped me so much in life, I just hope now that I can be a great example to our child, that I can raise her in an amazing way and that one day she decides for herself that she wants to be a Christian.

My wishes

The things I wish for, for my daughter are not the best job or to be rich, my wishes are that she is healthy, happy, has a faith that helps her, that she has a moral compass and finds someone that loves her in the way I love her mum and that will join in her adventure that will be her crazy, amazing life.

I know there will be many challenging times that come our way as a family. I know that I won’t always have all the answers and I know that I will get things wrong. None of this matters though as I also know I am always going to try my hardest and do my best for my family. I’m not trying to win a race of being the best parent or doing everything right, I want to win the race of giving someone the best life possible.

The best life

Giving someone the best life doesn’t mean you give them everything or that you have everything. Giving someone the best life is about raising them right, teaching them right from wrong, helping them understand the value of things around them, giving them the ability to dream and instilling a work ethic in them that will help them achieve those dreams.

I know my daughters’ accomplishments will make me prouder than my own personal accomplishments ever have and ever will. Along with my wife I want to be her biggest fan and her biggest supporter and I want to be one of the best people in her life.

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