Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

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The title of this blog is one of my favourite quotes. Sometimes I love planning and preparing for things, like events and going away, more than I do the actual thing itself that I am planning to do.

I think the better prepared you are for things happening in your life, the better they will actually turn out and if you want to maximise what you get out of life you have to be prepare the best you can. Time spent preparing is a great investment of time.

Having a baby has encouraged us as a family to prepare even better for things in life. Before we had our baby if things weren’t fully planned out or if we forgot to take things we needed with us for the day it wasn’t the end of the world, but now with a baby it is so crucially important we have everything we need to care for her with us at all times.

Seamless transitions

Those of you who don’t have children would be surprised about how much you actually need to take with you when you are travelling with a baby. Then if you are staying away from your home for a few days, planning can make the difference between the success and failure of the trip, as caring for your child in a different environment can be even trickier. At home you know where everything is, you have access to washing machines, tumble driers and other appliances, you have stockpiles of supplies of everything you need and everything is where you want it. Preparing well enables you to change and move environments and still be successful no matter what it is you are doing in life.

With the Internet at most of our fingertips all the time, preparing has never been easier. There is a wealth of knowledge, experience and information out there that can help us be better prepared than we have ever been before. The Internet allows us to quickly learn from others failures and successes, it makes it possible for us to make even more educated guesses at what is the right and wrong thing for us to do, or the right or wrong thing to buy.


The only downside of the Internet is the overwhelming load of information that is out there that is irrelevant. The real skill of researching is being able to quickly discard and sift the information you are viewing so you get to what you want a lot quicker.

I get such a buzz out of learning and researching. Knowing a lot about what you are going to do gives you an air of confidence and can make you feel happier about the things going on in your life. When you leave education you don’t spend as much time studying things and preparing for things gives you the chance to study and I think we should always take opportunities to study and learn more.

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