You wouldn’t say that to someone’s face

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The invention of social media has a lot to answer for at times. On platforms like Twitter, people seem to think it is acceptable to tweet horrible messages to others for everyone to see, with no second thought on how it is going to make the person they are directed at feel. Because people don’t have to give out their address or personal information on Twitter, people feel they can post anything without the fear of reprisal or getting in trouble as Twitter struggles to police its users due to the volume of offensive tweets being sent out every minute.


What is even worse on Twitter is the mob mentality, people are not only tweeting horrible things to get at people, they are also doing it to get noticed and notoriety as people seem to like favouritng and retweeting offensive things because they see it as funny that someone has the bravery to post it. If only more people clicked the report button, than the retweet button Twitter would be a much better place.

On Twitter people feel they have to react to things they don’t like or people they don’t like by tweeting them back something abusive, offensive or negative. It seems on Twitter that people just can’t let things go and not rise to things that are being said. The best way to shut something down is to not react, as I’m sure most people are posting on Twitter to get a reaction, so if you don’t react they will get bored before long.


If you have a problem with someone, the best way to deal with them is to talk to them directly and in private. I have respect for anyone who is able to work out their problems in this way. Sorting out a problem with someone shouldn’t be about damaging them or embarrassing them.

Some people think tweets can change the world and take to the platform to attack companies who they think have done them wrong in some way. One thing I have to say to those people is that I don’t think someone with a Twitter account scares big companies. If you have a real problem with a company, do something about it and do something better with your time than just tweeting them everyday.

Making it up

I hate that on Twitter you can make anything up you like about people or companies, tweet it and it is then up there for everyone to see. Sadly too many people read what they see on Twitter and believe it. Not everything that is tweeted is true and if someone is posting unsubstantiated claims it is probably because their actual argument is quite week.

Having the ability to access Twitter anywhere in the world we are, at any time, thanks to the phone in our hands means that not many people think before tweeting and instead of thinking about what is happening they are thinking of the best thing they can tweet. So when you are out and about in the future why not see what changes when you keep the phone in your pocket rather than rushing to tweet about life.

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