Kingdom Building not Church Building

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As many of you know, I am a Christian and attend a church near to where I live. Normally on this blog I don’t talk about things pertaining to church and my faith but today I wanted to blog about something I have been thinking a lot about recently.

I love the church I am in and I believe that it is important to be part of a church. The one thing I can’t stand however is the way some people react to and treat people who go to different churches and the division churches can cause.

Faith is happening all around us

One story I always remember is a story of a friend of mine who started going to one church in a nearby city, but after a little while decided to move to a different church that was better suited for what they needed. Some time after he moved churches he went back to his old church, for an event they had and the first thing someone said to them was “we haven’t seen you at church recently.” Instead of asking my friend how they were or if they were still going to a church, the only thing that mattered to that person was why my friend hadn’t been to ‘their’ church. A word to any churchgoer – faith is happening just as much outside your church as it is in it.

Another thing I can’t stand is when you move churches and for people who you thought were your friends in the church cut you off, not want to see you any more or not reply to messages. We are all called in to relationship and if you only want a relationship with someone when they are in your church, then you aren’t doing relationship right. If you are a Pastor you are called to pastor people, I don’t think who you pastor should be determined by if they are currently attending your church or not. If you care for someone, what church they go to shouldn’t matter.

A heart for people

My faith was restored this year however in my current church when they showed they were more interested in Kingdom building than Church building. Some time ago we had some visitors come to our church for the first time, whilst they were looking for a church in the area. Instead of praying that they would find a home in our church, the leadership prayed that they would find the right church for them, whether that be ours or any other in the area. The heart was for them not for the church, the heart was for Kingdom building not Church building.

You see the one thing so many people forget, is that there is only going to be one congregation in Heaven. We are called to help people in to the kingdom not in to church.

I am not in church leadership and I can’t imagine what a stressful position that is. I can understand the want to lead the biggest and best church. So this is why I have the upmost respect for those that have the confidence to not get caught up in Church building and to keep their eyes focused on Kingdom building. Instead of worrying about which church people attend lets be thankful that people go to church and that people want a relationship with God as that should be all that matters.

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