Whilst I was away

Regular readers of my blog will have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while. I am glad to tell you that this has all been because of this bundle of joy came in to our lives two weeks ago:


To say that we are over the moon with our amazing, beautiful girl is an under statement.

A lot of opportunities have probably passed me by in life but it is amazing to think that her potential is unlimited and the possibilities for what she can do with her life are endless. I am so excited to be part of her life and go on the journey with her, as she learns and discovers this world and her place in it.

I think being a parent or raising a child is one of the most incredible things you can do and I can’t wait to raise this little one. I know I will get things wrong and she will get things wrong, but I know I’m always going to try my hardest for this little one in every aspect of her life.

If you are ever feeling sad I think being around a baby or looking after a baby can get you out of any bad or sad mood. Being able to experience the world again through the eyes of a child is a wonderful thing.

I know our girl is going to bring our family so much happiness, I just hope I can bring her as much happiness as she will bring me to be her parent. One of the proudest things I will ever be is her dad.

Regardless of whether you have your own children or not, lets all go out and be parents. Lets care for others and go out every day to try and make a positive impact on the lives of others, as I think these are some of the most important traits of being a parent.

Blogs will return to normal from now I hope, but I just couldn’t start blogging again without sharing the news of one of the most incredible things to happen to me.

2 thoughts on “Whilst I was away

  1. This was a great reminder of what an overwhelming job that parenting is. It reminds me how inadequate at times that I am and how dependent I should be on God to bless my mistakes. I do disagree though with your statement that you blogs will “return to normal”. Having a baby will change you definition of “normal”…and it is all good!


    • I’m looking forward to this new kind of normal as I agree my new normal is never going to be the same. I really hope parenthood influences the way I see the world


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