Is the risk worth the reward

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Many people say that to achieve great things in life you need to take risks, this is something I wholeheartedly agree with. Life is a journey of trying to achieve as many rewards as possible and most times you need to take risks to get them. Rewards can be anything, getting rewards isn’t just about doing something just to get something out of it. Rewards are the great things that can sometimes come from taking risks.

When taking risks you have to use a lot of personal judgement, as sometimes the risk in something can heavily outweigh the possible rewards. If the risk outweighs the reward it doesn’t always mean you shouldn’t do it, as if you aren’t usually a risk taker it can be good to try it once in a while and feel more empowered to take risks when the reward is much higher.

Making life better

There are some risks, which are just stupid to take; these are any risk that involves endangering the safety and wellbeing of yourself or those around you. When I talk about risks, I am talking about doing things you wouldn’t normally do or things that take courage to do. Taking risks should be about making your life better.

Risks are things that you can do pretty much instantly normally and are usually things that you control; however the rewards aren’t. Sometimes it may take months or years to receive a reward from a risk that you took. When you have taken a risk be happy and proud that you took it, but don’t be expecting that instant reward. If you can find happiness in taking the risk, you have already received a reward and more may follow later.

To me taking risks are things like speaking up when you have a thought or opinion that could help a situation, contacting someone you have never come in to contact with before, taking opportunities and having the strength to turn down the wrong opportunities.

Risks are about what you get out of them

Never underestimate the risks you take in life, we can all be risk takers and it doesn’t need to be this big dramatic event to be the biggest and best risk in your life. Risks are about what you and the people around you get out of them, not what you do.

Risks don’t always go well or turn out the way you plan but please don’t let that stop you from taking risks. Not every risk is the right risk to take but until your try you will never know and as I say often, I would always rather know what would have happened if I had of taken that risk, than spend time thinking about what would have happened. Sometimes opportunities to take risks are very fleeting so you have to be ready to jump on board at any moment, in life sometimes it is about what you do in a moment that can change your life forever.

Life is a risk, embrace it and don’t be scared or fearful of it.

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