Freedom of Belief

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Through my work over the last few weeks and through keeping an eye on the news, I have felt in today’s world that there is an attack at the moment on people who believe in something.

It seems to me that freedom of speech only seems to be granted to those opposing viewpoints, rather than those that have them. I think freedom of speech and belief should be granted to all. Even if you don’t agree with a viewpoint, people should still be allowed to have them and voice them, it’s only by people voicing opinions, that we can really talk about and tackle the issues of today’s society.

Believing in something isn’t wrong

I think the message being pumped out today is that if you believe in something you are wrong and that you are wrong to believe in something. A message that if you follow a religion you can’t be ‘right.’ I have alluded to how I dislike how society seems to view people who are passionate about things in past blogs and this just seems to be that same type of thing, just on a whole bigger scale.

First newsflash – not everyone who follows a certain religion are the same. Don’t judge a religion by the actions and thoughts of a few, as they don’t speak for that religion. Second newsflash – following a religion doesn’t mean that you hate people or judge people who have a different lifestyle to you. Having a belief or having beliefs does not automatically make you intolerant of others.


I thought these things were obvious, but it ever increasingly seems that they aren’t as obvious as I thought. For an educated society in some ways it seems as if we have gone backwards. If anything I think it is the world that has got less tolerant of people who follow religions.

The world we live in has made me and I think many others reluctant to share viewpoints any more, as I think the powers that be want a world where they dictate how we think and stop people from having their own viewpoints. It is however those brave enough to stand up and share their views who will change this world.

Opposing views

Just because someone has an opposing view to you, it doesn’t make them right. Just because a viewpoint has media backing, it doesn’t make it right. Having the strength to keep hold of your beliefs when others are against you is one of the greatest strength’s you can ever obtain.

I think the world is guilty of making people who are passionate about things feel different, not normal or not ‘cool.’ I think they are treated in the way they are because society has been controlled to a point, that they are now inbuilt to try and stop others from standing out. The sad thing is that many don’t even know they are doing it or why they are doing it. As I have said before, I think it will be those that are willing to stand out that will change the world; I just hope people have the bravery to do it.

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