National Dementia Awareness Week

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Here in the UK it is ‘National Dementia Awareness Week” this week. Dementia is a subject very close to my heart after caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. I have seen what this illness can do to people and the affect it has on not only the people going through it, but the people around them as well.

It’s Important

There seems to be more and more special days and weeks to recognise something or other these days. I don’t think there is a day in the calendar, which isn’t a special day for something, somewhere in the world but I think this week is important.

Regular readers of my blog will know about my book I wrote about my time caring for my mum, called “Unbreakable Bond.”

The idea behind the book was to help raise awareness, which ties brilliantly in to the message of this week. I want to do my small bit to raise awareness, but I hope by doing my bit I encourage others to do the same. There isn’t enough awareness in this world of what life is really like for those affected by dementia and that is the type of awareness I want to help raise.

The human side

I believe the awareness of what dementia is, is already at a sky-high level. People are aware of how much of a problem it is for the modern world but I think we need more awareness of the human side behind it and not just the stats.

So this week I encourage you to actually take the time to talk to people who have been affected by dementia and take time to find out about their stories. People who have been through it will have a lot of insight to share, that will really put this illness and its effects in to perspective for you.

There are some amazing and special people in this world that have been affected by dementia and we as the human race need to do all we can to make sure that in the future less and less people are affected by dementia and not more.

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