Playing a part in the democratic system

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I find politics fascinating, I love when we are in the run up to an election and politics is the main subject people are talking about. I think it is important that we all take time to think about the issues that matter to us and to see which policies of which parties, we think will be best for us or our country.

My wish is that people would keep hold of that passion they feel today as the results are announced and keep that with them. As I scroll through my social media accounts, I see post after post of reaction to the results, but in a weeks time I’m sure very few will be posting about anything, which is even marginally related to politics.

Getting caught up

With the 5-year gap between elections; to me it just seems sometimes that people just get caught up in the 5-week campaign that the parties embark on before polling day. During this period the last 5 years doesn’t seem to matter, neither does how people felt when they last went to the ballot box. There just seems to be so many votes, which people make based on what media coverage has swayed them.

One website that I enjoyed using before I voted, was one my wife told me about:

This website allowed me to choose which policies I thought were best for the country, without knowing which party the policy belonged to, until I completed the survey. The results were quite interesting and really helped inform my voting choice. I wish we lived in a world where people voted for policies, rather than campaigns and personalities.

Problem voters

Above everything the one thing that got to me more than any result this week, was my frustration with tactical and protest voters. I will only ever vote for the party I want to get in power. If everyone did this we would have a fairer, more balanced view of who, people actually want to run this country. I will always lead by example when it comes to this and I hope others will to. The more people who vote for the party they want to win, the better this country will be. I never want to use my vote to vote for a party I don’t want in power, just because they aren’t as bad as someone else or because it will help the party I support in the national picture. If you vote for a party that gets in, either in your area or nationally, you along with everyone else who voted are responsible for that.

So regardless of how you are feeling today, please remember this feeling and use it wisely. Results may have not gone your way, but the only way you are going to make a change is by engaging more with the system and with people around you on politics. No party stays in power forever and regardless of how bad things get never lose hope that things can be turned around.

For all those that voted for the winning party today, you are responsible for them being in power – so I hope they don’t let you down. I hope in 5 years time you are happy with how you voted this year. For all those that voted for other parties that didn’t win, please don’t think your vote was wasted, your vote is only wasted when you stop using it, because of your vote I am hopeful for the future of this country.

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