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Over the last year I have started entering lots of competitions online. After a bit of research I found some websites that are updated every hour with new competitions to enter, to win all manner of things.

There are many things in this life that I would like, but could never justify paying the money to buy them. When I think of something like this, I will see if there is a free to enter competition where I can win one.

Give yourself a chance

I have been doing this for the last year or so with no success, but have kept going. I thought to myself if I just win one thing it will be worthwhile and by entering all these competitions at least I had given myself chance to win these things, which I wouldn’t have had if I hadn’t entered.

Last week I got that success I had been craving. My wife and I are big fans of BTCC (British Touring Car Championship) and have wanted to go to a race for sometime, but couldn’t afford tickets. This weekend they have a race weekend at our nearest track about 2 and a half hours away called Thruxton and it would be the easiest one for us to go to. So with the wanting to go to a BTCC event I started searching for and entering competitions to win tickets. I must have entered about 20, before finally last Friday I got a phone call to say I had won a pair of tickets.

Making things affordable

My wife and I love going to live events but the problem with living in deepest southwest England is that it becomes very difficult to see good stuff. The big venues, which get the best events, tend to be in London, Birmingham and sometimes Cardiff. This means not only do we have to pay the price of tickets, which can be expensive but we also have to pay out for petrol, wear and tear on the car, hotel and food, which can make seeing one show cost around the £200 mark.

By winning this competition it has brought the price of going down drastically and it will allow us to enjoy the day even more, as we wont be as worried as we would have been about the cost.

To win competitions you used to have to send your answer in the post or make a phone call, but now with the Internet entering a competition is painless and can be done in seconds. There are lots of prizes out there to be won and if you try you might just win one.

Making memories

Thanks to entering my details online my wife and I will now get to have a weekend we won’t forget and the chance to make memories. If I hadn’t have tried, this Sunday would have been like any other Sunday and soon forgotten but now I know it won’t be.

If you live in the UK and have never watched BTCC I would highly recommend it, it is one of the most entertaining race formats I have ever seen.

If I have got you interested in entering competitions to see if you can win anything here is a link to a board, which is updated by its users nearly every minute with new competitions. I use it a lot and would highly recommend it:

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