I feel sorry for employers

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Does anyone tell the truth on their CV’s, applications, LinkedIn profiles and job interviews?

It seems to me that in todays job market that it no longer matters what you have done in your career, what matters is the way you can sell it or spin it. For so many years spinning and selling stories has been the basis for how big companies and politicians do business. Now I think this attitude of trying to make things sounds different or better than they are has run rampant in the jobs market. I think in today’s job market, it is the best person at selling themselves that get the job, not the best person for the job.

LinkedIn Profiles

I find it so funny when I read the LinkedIn profiles and websites of some people I know and see the way they are selling their skills and experiences. There seems to be a game going on of how far can you push the truth, without getting caught out. Don’t get me wrong there is at least a grain of truth in most of what they say, but if someone looking at it knew the person or worked with them, would probably have a different view of what they have written.

These LinkedIn profiles probably impress people that don’t know them, but if anyone who does know them was to read them, it would probably look cringe worthy. This I think forms the basis of why people write what they do on sites like this. Your LinkedIn profile doesn’t come up in real face-to-face conversations much and because you are not with the viewer when they are reading it, you don’t feel any shame in what you have written.

The world revolves around you

The way a lot of jobs or organisations are set up these days it seems that it is easy for you to claim whatever involvement you had and the level of impact that your input had. If you sort of did something relating to a successful project, you seem to be able to write your CV or profile in such a way that it makes it seem like the success was all down to you.

I hate the era of ‘power words’ and ‘buzz words’ that we live in. I hate that because of this culture, hard working, deserving people are losing out on jobs that they would be the best for, because of their inability to fight with words.

If I ran a company I think I would always want to hire from within for senior roles and hire people that I knew had proved themselves, rather than risking the position on someone from the outside who talked the talk.

Don’t be taken in

Don’t forget if someone promises you the earth, the chances are they can’t deliver it because no one can. If someone can convince you with words that they are the best for a job, if they are in your company they can probably make you believe they are doing a good job with words too.

We need to become a generation of doers not a generation of talkers. People that stick to the facts and people that can back up their claims in a real and substantial way.

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