The Sun is Here

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For the last week or two, us here in the UK have been blessed with some gorgeous weather. April in the UK can be a mixed bag when it comes to the weather, so the warm weather has been a nice surprise.

The good weather has encouraged me this last week to get in to the garden. This is our second summer in our home and after doing a lot of work last year, it looks like it may be starting to pay off.

We brought our house because of the size it was inside, the size of the back garden and the price but because we got it for such a good price it meant that it was going to take a lot of work to turn it in to the great house, that we wanted it to be, but we were more than willing to do.

Clear out

Last year I spent most of the summer removing rubbish from our back garden, which the previous owner had left. There was so much stuff just buried in amongst the soil out the back that it meant most weekends I was out the back digging, collecting rubbish and then taking it to the Tip. Doing this meant I didn’t get much of a chance to actually make a start on changing or improving the garden, to get it how I wanted.

Last weekend was the first time my wife and I had been out in the garden since last summer. I was slightly down heartened at the number of weeds that were covering our flower beds after all our work last year but undeterred we got to work. As we got down under the top level of soil my spirits were raised by how easy the weeds were coming out and how many less bulbs and roots there were in the soil compared to last year.

Time to push on

Before we started work on the garden I really wasn’t fancying it, after all the hard work I put in last summer it looked like it had all been for nothing, as if anything in some ways it was looking worse and I really didn’t want to put in more effort, just to get no further forward. I am so glad I pushed on now though, as I can see that things will get better if we keep at it.

Keeping your commitment up to doing something when you can’t see any progress is a very hard thing to do. When you have already put a ton of hard work in and all you can see is a lot of hard work still to go. Even if you think you are prepared for the long haul it is hard to keep going in these circumstances.

The work doesn’t change

My lesson for the week is – sometimes it just takes getting out there and doing the hard work for your opinion of it to change. Regardless of how bad the garden looked, it didn’t change the actual amount of work that is needed to turn it around.

To achieve something, the most important first step is to keep showing up. After this week I know I am going to be turning up every summer with my fork and shovel in hand ready to do battle with the garden. I may not win this summer, but one summer I will and one summer I will have a manageable garden, which looks amazing and on that day I know that it will have all been worth it. If I stopped now and didn’t do anything with garden all I would be doing is throwing away the hard work of last summer.

If you are going to go to the effort of working hard don’t be in a rush to throw it away!

2 thoughts on “The Sun is Here

  1. Great life lesson and encouragement to keep on keeping on and finish strong…don’t let the weeds in your life defeat you…keep pulling them out and moving forward with your eyes on the goal ahead.


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