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If you follow me on social media, you will have noticed this week that I have been trying to drum up support for my new book “Unbreakable Bond” a story of my experiences in caring for my mum who had early onset dementia. The book can be purchased by going to the link below (cheeky plug I know):

I have received some wonderful comments of support from people who have read the book this week, which has so touched me. It was touching the lives of others, with my mum’s story, that was the reason for writing the book in the first place and I am so glad that it is already happening.

Social Media

On top of these comments from readers I have had lots of people on social media promoting the book for me, by retweeting things and putting up their own posts about the book. Whenever this happens it makes me feel so lifted inside and makes all the hours I spent at the keyboard thrashing the book out worthwhile.

The one thing that has saddened me however, is the reluctance by so many Alzheimer’s / Dementia charities and organisations to acknowledge or support the book. Some organisations won’t even extend the courtesy of replying to an email when I email them about the book.

First Hand Experience

I am somebody who has first hand experience in caring for someone with dementia and just want to share those experiences. I am not looking to make a profit out of the book and just want to do something positive. I am somebody that has off my own back produced something to try and help people, with no hidden motive behind it.

To create the book I haven’t been paid, I haven’t had office space paid for and it hasn’t just been a job that I have no connection with. There aren’t enough people in this world who just try and do something to help others, so I get really frustrated when people don’t embrace others who are willing to try and help others.

Lack of Support

It is because of the lack of support that people get and the uphill battle they have to face to do something, that we don’t have as many people as we need in this world, trying to change it for the better.

In my book I am not trying to promote it saying I know more than anyone else on this subject and that I am the one that should be listened to. I am just trying to share a book, which may encourage others, lift their spirits or make them think differently about things.

Using my Skills

I wish I had the funds and the scientific knowhow needed to try and rid this world of this awful condition, but I don’t and I am just trying to do what I can to help. I am trying to use the skills and the platform I have been given to do something positive in a very negative situation.

I can sleep knowing I am trying to use my skills to influence the world and that is all I can do. The only thing I wish is that we had more people in this world who instead of being roadblocks were fuel stations ready to fuel those who have the potential to change the world.

I have no more right to have my voice heard than anyone else but I do believe I have the same right.

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