A changing audience

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I wanted to use this blog to pick up on a question that I posed at the end of my last blog, which can be viewed here:


The question was: Is social media reaction more important than actual viewership?

This question was in to relation to programmes that air on TV as the way we watch and consume media continues to change. Gone are the days where we would find out about programmes through TV listings magazines and TV adverts alone. Gone are the days where we would have to wait until the next day at work or school to find out what people were watching or to tell them about something you watched. Now whilst watching TV you can go online and tell the world what you think of what you are watching and join in with what others are saying. If you aren’t watching TV yourself, you can go on social media and find out what programmes are worth watching or not worth watching, based on what people are saying.

Social Media is free advertising

So as social media users are we all now basically free advertising for companies with something to promote? I think sometimes what we say has more sway than what companies say about their own products and the companies with the products are trying their hardest to encourage us to post positive things about them. This is why I think it is important to use our sphere of influence wisely, as you never know when someone might try or buy something based on something you have said. Your opinion is worth a lot more than you think it is.

It’s like when people shop online for things these days, instead of brands and advertising most people look at the customer reviews. Good customer reviews on leading websites can be worth more to a company than a big advertising campaign. I think as a people in this day and age we are starting to trust each other more than we do companies and advertising, which is an encouraging sign.

Gone will be the day of TV schedules

Getting back to TV programmes, I think the time when we don’t have linear TV schedules will happen in my lifetime. I think peoples TV’s will become just a monitor, which will show the content they want it to, when they want it to. On Demand will just be the way we watch TV. Nobody will own any media but we will all be able to view anything we want at the touch of a button.

I think this will lead to us becoming a more discerning audience, which just watches the things we are interested in and that the only way we try new programmes out is by other people’s recommendations or response. If we hear about something online, we as an audience will add it to a list of programmes to watch and then watch it at a time that suits us.

I think an interesting development last year was the news that BitTorrent was starting to create its own content that can be downloaded through BitTorrent. I think this will be a hard market due to the reputation of BitTorrent and peoples opinions of it but I am glad they are also joining the market.

A change for the good

I think this change in the TV world has been a good change, as the focus has now been put back on the content, not on when it airs. After seeing the likes of Netflix leading the way with its range of original series that it has produced, companies that have both traditional TV and online platforms are now creating online only content and not only that but proudly advertising the online content, using the fact that it is online only as a unique selling point.

I think with all of these shifts there is more power out there for the user to control what they are consuming, so we need to use it and embrace it. I think it is more important now than ever to use this power as now we each have access to a plethora of media, which if we aren’t careful will take over our lives.

2 thoughts on “A changing audience

  1. Let me start by saying, “Hello, my name is Mike and I am addicted to watching TV”.

    What an evolution in media there has been in my life time…from getting our first TV in the 50’s with only a few hours of programming each evening to an overload of programming today and watching it “on demand”. The danger for me in watching TV, is that it can become addictive while diminishing my social life. I thought that with having the ability to watch programming “On Demand”, I would watch less TV by only viewing those programs that were favorites and eliminating commercials and those programs that really didn’t interest me but were next on the TV line up before my next favorite program aired.

    However, what I found was happening is that I was spending far more time watching TV because I could get caught up in so many more series that just sucked me in. Now without commercial interruptions, I found myself in a “Zombie-like” state, totally ignoring anyone in the room and finding myself getting aggravated when they started talking to me.

    I found that this box was beginning to control me and I then realized it was by my invitation! So, I made a vow to myself that I would take back control. For me that was eliminating the ability to record programming and not have easy access to “On Demand” programming.

    Today, I am a recovering TV addict and have been free from it’s control for over 5 years. I still watch TV but I am limited what I can watch and how many hours it consumes me. Thank you Higher Power!


    • Thanks for sharing your TV testimony Mike. The grip media can have on your life is very real and so many of us consume an overload of it without even thinking. Thanks so much for sharing


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