Those that know me, know that I come up with quite a few ideas everyday, not all of them are good, but my mind is constantly working and thinking of them. I think there is something inside most of us that likes coming up with ideas. These ideas could be from the mundane – like thinking of a different route to get to work, to the extraordinary – like a technological advance that could save lives.

Every idea that is positive should be cherished and although not every idea should be put in to action, we should all be encouraging each other to keep coming up with ideas.


The sad thing is so many ideas aren’t shared with anyone, let alone the world. So many ideas are stored inside the population of this world that nobody knows about. If we knew about just a small percentage of them I’m sure we could make some serious change in this world.

I’m quite different to many people as I like sharing ideas. I love to freely share ideas in conversation with people I know, whether they are something I am working on, planning on working on or not doing anything with. I think sharing your own ideas with others is great, as it can encourage them to start thinking about their own ideas and talking about your ideas can also encourage you to do something about them. It may just be, that the person you share your idea with has some insight or advice that can help you make that idea a reality.

One thing that happens to me a lot, is that I get ideas for other people or ideas I think that other people can use. When this happens I will normally email the person or organisation explaining the idea. After that its up to them what they do with it and if they don’t get back in touch I just move on to the next idea but if they do reply, I will do what I can to help get that idea going. I know I probably annoy a lot of people when I do this, as they have probably already thought of or tried the ideas I share. They may even think I don’t know what I am talking about or trying to tell them how to do their job better. I just always send them in the hope that they don’t think these things of me and that they appreciate the thought.

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The reason many people don’t share their ideas is because they are scared to do it. For most people I think it’s the fear of people thinking that their idea is stupid or that they are stupid for having it. If you build up an idea in your head that you think is great and someone else says it is rubbish, which can hurt you a lot. There are too many people in this world that just go with the flow and too many people that want to stop other people from achieving. The easiest way for people to suppress others, to stop people standing out and getting ahead of them is to stamp on any idea they have.

Some people are scared to share their ideas, as they are scared that other people will steal them and claim them for their own. To me, I think you know your ideas are great when others are trying to steal them, so it doesn’t bother me. I would always rather see my ideas being used and out there, even if it isn’t me that is the one that gets to use them.

For others the idea may be so hard to pull off that they don’t want to share it, incase they fail at it and are seen as a failure. I think this world has the wrong view on what failure is, as I think failure is never trying not being unsuccessful at something you try.


I have spoken to quite a few people in life that talk about big successful companies and projects that other people are running and they claim they had the idea first. The problem is that these people either told no one about their idea or didn’t have the get up and go to do it themselves. You have to remember that to be successful, ideas need action.

Sometimes in life, people have ideas that they have the necessary will power and means to make happen, but in many cases those with ideas don’t possess these things. This is when if you truly believe in your idea and want it to happen you have to get support or entrust it to someone else. The main thing should always be that the idea becomes a reality, how it happens should be less important.

I think at some point in life we are all given ideas that we don’t have the knowledge, experience or contacts to make happen and there is nothing wrong with this. In these situations the only way your ideas will happen is by sharing and that strength to share could be what changes the world. On the other side not everyone who has skills and experience has the right ideas for their field so they may be hoping for someone like you to come along. If you can get people who have the right tools as passionate as you are about your idea, then that will be a partnership that could push your idea further than you ever thought possible.

What I want to be and hope others want to be as well

I just want to be someone that said something, that did something and that didn’t sit on the fence. I don’t want to be a person that wishes they had have said something, did something and didn’t sit on the fence. I want to be someone that tried to and hopefully someone that did positively impact something or someone for the better. All I can hope is that some people who read this blog will want to be and want to do the same.

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