Learning from the Super Bowl

Even though I was born in England and live in England, it is a yearly tradition for me to stay up and watch the Super Bowl live. I love the sport and especially love the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is a spectacle, which is a bit different to anything else in the sporting world; it is an event that can bring so many people in one country together, with many other people wanting to join in from across the globe.

I love when sport brings people together and captures the imagination. In big events like this, memories are made, that for those involved and those watching will last a lifetime. To be able to have those conversations with people that start with “remember when…” that to me is what sport is all about. There is nothing like getting caught up in the action with sport, when you can forget about your troubles for those moments and be totally immersed in the drama of the game.

One standout person for me from the Super Bowl was the coach of the Seattle Seahawks Pete Carroll. After the Seahawks threw away the chance to win the game in the closing seconds, Pete Carroll came out in an interview and shouldered the responsibility for what happened and the decisions that were made, which I thought showed great leadership. For NFL players and staff the Super Bowl is when you come under the biggest spotlight and have the most pressure to win, so to handle yourself with dignity and class in amongst of all that pressure really shows the measure of the man.

The other standout story from the game has to be that of Chris Matthews, also from the Seattle Seahawks. After being released from a team in the Canadian Football League and with his NFL dreams seemingly over, he took work at a shop and as a security guard. His life changed in February of last year when he got a phone call from the Seahawks asking him to try out. Based on this tryout he eventually ended up on the practice squad and then had to wait until December to be made a part of the main squad. With only a few games under his belt he turned in to a star of the Super Bowl as he set up the first touch down for the team and scored the second. If there was ever a story for never giving up on your dreams this was it.

With most attention paid to the score and to the winners after the game, I think it is important that we don’t lose the stories and the people behind the game, as most of the time it is these things that deserve the attention.

2 thoughts on “Learning from the Super Bowl

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