Being Thrifty

I think since the economic crash we have become a thriftier world. Finances now seem to dictate a lot of our decisions, from where we eat, to what we buy and to what we go without. I personally think this attitude change was long overdue and if we can keep this mindset when we are next in an economic boom period we will be able to do even more with our money than we were before.

One thing I have loved is the rise of groups on Facebook where for free you can list your unwanted items to people in your local area for sale or to give away. My wife and I have taken advantage of these groups to buy things or get things for free and think that it is brilliant. I love how it encourages people to buy second hand at a fraction of the price that you would have to shell out to get it new.

I also like the voucher deals and promotions that restaurants are doing to get people in the door. With so many choices out there and eating out seen as a luxury thing to do, my advice would always be to shop around and check online for deals.

A good trick that my wife and I do is if we want something we will set a budget for what we can afford and are willing to pay, then after we have set that we will try our hardest to get it for less. The key thing is don’t rush in to buying anything, as if you do you will probably see it cheaper or see something better after you have brought the item. Research what it is you actually want and then work hard to find it for the lowest price, don’t just buy something that is kind of like what you want because it is cheap, as regardless of how cheap it was it is still money wasted.

The key for me is not cluttering up your life or your home with things you don’t need. Anything that you don’t use or need, can you sell it? That item taking up space in your house could be money in your pocket. Ask yourself do you really need that thing you are looking at online? Acquiring clutter will only hold you back financially and emotionally so do your best where you can to free your life from it!

I think being thrifty can teach us a lot of life lessons. I think it is important in all areas of life to really focus on the things you want to do and achieve. It is only by doing this that we have a chance to succeed. Think of your time and energy like currency. Is what you are doing now really helping you be happy and get where you want to be in life? Like setting a budget, have you set goals? Invest in yourself and you will make all the currencies at your disposal achieve so much more.

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