Planning for When Success Isn’t Instant

As human beings I think we are all inspired by something we see or hear at some point in our lives. It can be anything from a preach at your local church to a film you saw at the cinema. The words and or pictures encourage you to chase your dream, give you a dream or put a cause on your heart that you want to stand up and fight for. You leave the place saying to yourself that you are going to do be the one that makes it happen.

The problem then comes when it gets a bit tricky to do what you want to do and you aren’t as successful right away as you thought you would be. Time goes on and distractions have entered your life which clog up the time you have in your day to chase your dreams. The memory of what you heard or saw that inspired you is starting to feel a bit faded and before you know it you have given up or forgotten about it.

I think the most important thing to do when you are inspired by something is make a plan, one that doesn’t involve instant success. To be successful you need to be passionate about something but sadly being passionate doesn’t always mean you will be successful, so this is why a plan is so important.

In the plan can you set aside an amount of time a day to pursue your dream? Just one thing to remember is to make it a realistic amount of time that you know you can quite easily give over to the pursuit. Can you surround yourself with people who are chasing the same dream as you or are as passionate about chasing their dream, as you are yours? Can you get a copy of that preach or film? So that you can remind yourself of why you are so passionate about it?

I think instant success is a myth and a myth that stops many people achieving what they could if they just stuck at it. Most of the truly successful people in life didn’t have overnight success, most had a plan and kept to it. You show up to work everyday, because you have to. You show up everyday for school, because you have to. You need to get in the mindset that you keep to your plan, because you have to. Plans maybe boring but success never is.

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