We All have a Platform

If you talk to anybody in your day to day life whether that be at work, at school, at home or on the street, you have a platform. If you are on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, WordPress etc you have a platform. Some people are blessed to have bigger platforms than others but that doesn’t mean you can’t make noise from yours.

By using your voice, by using your creativity and by using a keyboard you can change the world in some way, because I think more than ever now people are listening. An example of this would be this small blog. It is still in its infancy as we continue to grow and develop but yet we are getting the attention of influential people. Recently I posted on this site an open letter to the footballing world about the level of betting adverts displayed around football media, which can be viewed here:


Then yesterday I went on and looked at the traffic stats for this site, on this admin page it shows me who is linking to blog posts and referring to them. In the box for the blog featuring the open letter was the intranet of the Gambling Commission. Inside the top authority on gambling in the UK they are talking about my blog post.

It just shows you that regardless of the size of your platform you can get your views seen and heard by the people that matter. When you go out in the world you need to be conscious of the platform you have. The words from your mouth or your fingers have the power to change hearts and minds; they have the power to positively influence the world. Sadly many people use their platforms in a negative way and for negative reasons and this is why we all need to be careful. As the saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility.”

If you feel passionately about something – tell someone about it! If you disagree with something in the world around you – say something about it! We have more power at our fingertips today than anyone ever had, so let’s start using it. Let’s start engaging with the world around us more. Nobody will ever listen to you if you don’t try, lets stop complaining or talking behind people’s backs, lets be the generation that grasps what we have and uses it for good.

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